“Ile aux Nattes – Lighthouse” GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – November 1, 2010

View near "Ile aux Nattes - LIghthouse" GC22PJZ
View near "Ile aux Nattes - LIghthouse" GC22PJZ

The geocache “Ile aux Nattes – Lighthouse” (GC22PJZ) is hidden in Madagascar.

The main island is the fourth largest island in the world.  But this micro cache is hidden on a micro island off the coast of the main island.

The island, Ile aux Nattes, has a footprint and a population that are so small there’s no scheduled ferry service.

The cache owner, Urban Campers, suggest you hire locals from the nearest island to row you across.  They do mention that you could also swim the 300 meters between the islands.

Once you’re on dry land, the coordinates in your GPS device will direct you to a weathered lighthouse.

The micro is located somewhere around the building

According to the cache owners, the micro cache is located near an adjacent abandoned building.  Although the difficulty one, terrain two geocache was placed in December of 2009, only one person has logged the cache.

Will you be the next to log, “Ile aux Nattes – Lighthouse”?

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