“Souvenirs” A Geocaching.com Lost & Found Video

Watch this Lost & Found video to learn more about Geocaching.com souvenirs — the new way to expand your geocaching experience.   Capture the “eureka” moment as you discover and collect a rapidly expanding gallery of virtual art.

You can discover the postcard-like “souvenirs” by logging a cache within a specific zone, such as a particular state or province (coming soon) or by using a Geocaching Application on your mobile device and searching for a geocache within the souvenir zone.

Current souvenir zones include Groundspeak Headquarters and The Original Stash Plaque. There was even a special souvenir for those who logged a geocache on 10-10-10.

10-10-10 Souvenir
Groundspeak HQ Souvenir

Some souvenirs will only be available for a specific time. For instance, those that you will discover when attending a Mega Event. Other souvenirs will reward geocaching achievements. The souvenirs are displayed on your Geocaching.com profile page.

More souvenirs will be released soon.

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