“Souvenirs” A Geocaching.com Lost & Found Video

Watch this Lost & Found video to learn more about Geocaching.com souvenirs — the new way to expand your geocaching experience.   Capture the “eureka” moment as you discover and collect a rapidly expanding gallery of virtual art.

You can discover the postcard-like “souvenirs” by logging a cache within a specific zone, such as a particular state or province (coming soon) or by using a Geocaching Application on your mobile device and searching for a geocache within the souvenir zone.

Current souvenir zones include Groundspeak Headquarters and The Original Stash Plaque. There was even a special souvenir for those who logged a geocache on 10-10-10.

10-10-10 Souvenir
Groundspeak HQ Souvenir

Some souvenirs will only be available for a specific time. For instance, those that you will discover when attending a Mega Event. Other souvenirs will reward geocaching achievements. The souvenirs are displayed on your Geocaching.com profile page.

More souvenirs will be released soon.

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  • eilinger

    This post does not add any new information to the “souvenirs mystery”. Will there be an overview of the available souvenirs?
    I’m still waiting for more than the 10-10-10 icon.

    Greetings from Germany

  • Anonymous

    Hmm… I went to groundspeak headquarters and never received a souvenir for that. 🙁

  • buzzy_cacher

    Yeah, a list of current souvenirs would be nice

  • Joshism

    I’ve heard some people hate the Souvenirs, but I think they’re neat. “Achievements” are all over the place these days so I don’t see any reason for Groundspeak refrain from including them as well.

    It would be nice to know what they are. The air of mystery has it’s merits, like the surprise that people got logging on 10-10-10 and finding out they got a souvenir for the first time. But at the same time knowing how to get them gives you goals you can set.

    This video indicates you get one for each of the Trifecta in addition to the 10-10-10 one we all know about and also mentions that Mega Events will receive them. It’s a logical deduction that future worldwide events will also receive Souvenirs (such as if 11-11-11 has a bunch of events like 10-10-10 did).

    Besides that, I’d love to see a Souvenir for each US State, each Country, and each Continent, plus another one for finding a cache in all 50 states.

    Resources permitting, I might also extend the Souvenirs beyond just Mega Events to “major” events. I’m in Florida and the annual Cacheapalooza event at Jonathon Dickinson State Park is coming up in January. It’s an annual event (this will be the 5th year I think), involves hundreds of caches within the boundaries of the park, and there are already over 100 people who have logged “will attend”.

  • GC Addicted

    So where are all the souvenirs being kept?

  • Are there geocache souvenir zones in the  Caribbean? Specifically Peurto Rico, Aruba. St Croix and Curacao