Super-Sized Geocoin Touted as World’s Largest

Geocacher Louis Cifer with the world's largest geocoin

If your pockets jingle with Geocoins, your Saturday night is spent cleaning and collating your immaculate Geocoin collection or you just want to be wowed by a wonder of the geocaching world – take a look to your left.

What you behold is touted as the world’s largest Geocoin. Geocacher Louis Cifer and a team of others created the handcrafted 40 kilogram (88 lb), 97 cm (38 inch) Geocoin.

Average size geocoins

Geocoins are traditionally no larger than an U.S. silver dollar or a 1 Euro coin (see the photo to your right).

A Geocoin is a special trackable coin created by  geocachers as a kind of signature item or calling card. The shape of coins varies from round to square even interconnected hoops or unique forms like miniature swords.

According to Louis, the hefty anchor Geocoin was created to be an unforgettable gift. He says  a group of friends hoped that it would show their appreciation to the host of a geocaching event.

Geocacher AlexSchweigert organizes “Nordseetaufe 2010” (North Sea Baptism 2010).  The official event Geocoin for “Nordseetaufe” was a much smaller anchor.

Original event geocoin for Nordseetaufe 2010

Louis and friends took the event coin theme and super-sized it.  A 80-year-old anchor was purchased, sand blasted and painted gold.

They then welded a plate commemorating Nordseetaufe 2010 to the anchor and added the unique tracking code.

AlexSchweigert was presented with the massive Geocoin, named “Der Dicke” (The Big or The Heavy) on October 23rd.

Louis says, “It was a huge surprise for AlexSchweigert and he was very impressed.”

Louis says the Geocoin, which weighs about as much as the average 12-year-old boy,  even had a Twitter account. Geocachers Tweeted mysterious updates about the coin before it was unveiled. “Der Dicke” is listed as the “world’s largest geocoin” on the German language geocoin Wikipedia page.

Geocachers in Germany have been discovering “Der Dicke” at events since mid-October.  But now the Geocoin has a permanent location in the hometown of its owner, AlexSchweigert.   If you see “Der Dicke” in person, you can log the Geocoin as “discovered.”

To do that, you’ll have to travel to the anchor’s new location outside of Hamburg, Germany. “Der Dicke” should be easy to find; right now it’s located at a geocache, also called, “Der Dicke.”

  • Dhp13

    This is fantastic. What a coin. How do you secretly remove this? Haha

  • Freddie Pepper

    Since I took part on the Nordseetaufe 2010 – Event, I was forced to get the FTF at the associated cache published last Sunday. I don’t matter to drive around 200km for this point in my state, but it was worth. I was so lucky to get one of the really last tickets for the event, so it was a pleasure for me, to be the first one at this cache. It was a really funny action since I had informed my follower on twitter via Glympse that I was out getting the FTF. There have been a lot of funny comments during my trip. Finally the owner and me have recorded a nice podcast with a small interview.

    Greetings Freddie.Pepper (GC)
    (Follow me on twitter: Freddie_Pepper)

  • Joshism

    How can this be the world’s largest geoCOIN? To be a geoCOIN shouldn’t the item in question at least vaguely resemble a COIN? A giant gold anchor could be a cool geo-item but it is most certainly not a geo-COIN.

  • Spdr_mnky

    As one of the creators of the Signal Signal HQ Geocoin, my first defensive instinct was to question the ‘coin’ part of this, but on further thought, I believe I will take this as a challenge. I guess I’ll have to call tanq13 & mustangmommaT together again for a proper response.


  • Trackable, yes… coin… not so sure.

  • georg

    Thats not a coin. Its an anchor…

    Coins ar little round metal-things. Bigger round metal-tings are called medal.
    And big metal-things shaped like this one -> anchor.


  • V-Twin-Sailors

    US-People are so intelligent-isn´t it, georg?

  • Monterey Company Blog

    Well the large anchor is nothing close to a coin of course, but you KNOW I love this post! We have gotten amazingly diverse and creative orders over the years that don’t look anything like the usual round coins.

  • JeanJensen

    Nice trackable 😉

    But how was it approved? How do I get my own coin approved?

  • I think it is HUGE! ..

    But… you need to change the URL to ….&tracker=TB3W8FG.. Now it is trackable for everyone..

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  • Isocam

    On the coin/anchor it has a GC code saying GC29NKA, I typed that in and it came up with a cache called ”Hundrum”. Does the GC code mean that geocache?

  • BueTriDo

    “Geocoins are traditionally no larger than an U.S. silver dollar or a 1 Euro coin…”
    Not really! The most of our geoCOINS! are larger than a 1 Euro coin.
    And they are not round in every time. Our own designed geoCOIN! called “Bis bald im Wald” isn’t round too. It’s a square but also a geoCOIN!

    “Der Dicke” is a coin, NOT an anchor. Definitely in my eyes.


  • germangreekdog

    We have a pretty big geocoin too, its called the 50 year old calender geocoin. CAZ4NR is the tracking code if your interested