Geocaching.com Site Upgrade Tuesday – Site and Mobile Apps Down

Geocaching.com is upgrading the infrastructure of the website to provide geocachers with increased site performance, security and room to expand. All Groundspeak sites and services including Geocaching.com, the Groundspeak Forums, Pocket Queries, Geocaching Mobile Applications for the iPhone, Windows Phone 7 and Android devices along with other 3rd party applications that utilize our API will be inaccessible during the upgrade process. The outage is schedule to begin Tuesday, December 14th at 8:00pm PST (GMT -8). The site is expected to be down for approximately six hours.

We’ll be working hard to minimize the duration of the downtime.  The upgrades include a new network design as well as new hardware. This is the most comprehensive infrastructure upgrade in five years.

The downtime related to the infrastructure upgrade is scheduled during a time of year and on a day when historically fewer geocachers are accessing Geocaching.com and the Geocaching.com mobile apps. During the upgrade, we’ll be posting progress updates to our Facebook page and Twitter feed.