“Tulamben” GC1EBYM GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK December 13, 2010

Diving GC1EBYM

This Multi-Cache gets geocachers to take a swim then dries them off. Two of the stages for “Tulamben” GC1EBYM are underwater and final stage is on dry land.

Tulamben is a small village on the Northeast coast of Bali, Indonesia.  The tourist destinations draws visitors from around the world to dive the wreck of a U.S. Transport ship.

The U.S.A.T. Liberty sank here in World War Two after being torpedoed. Parts of the ship are submerged in as little as 3 meters and as deep as 30 meters of water.

Clues to the geocache are located in two spots on the wreck.

Geocacher glogloman hid the difficulty three, terrain five geocache in late 2008. According to the cache page more than 20 cachers from over 20 countries have found “Tulamben.”

U.S.A.T. Liberty

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