“BongEun-Sa Revivial” GCXNRW GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – January 24, 2011

View from near ground zero of GCXNRW

“My first cache in Korea. Nice place, nice hide. A beautiful place to calm down and enjoy silence.” Geocachers have been writing logs just like that for “BongEun-Sa Revivial” (GCXNRW) since Healthpia hid this cache in 2006.

The difficulty 1.5, terrain 1.5 traditional geocache rests near the heart of Seoul, South Korea.

Its proximity to major hotels draws travelers out of their rooms to begin an urban treasure hunt.  More than 120 geocachers have discovered the unexpectedly quiet and serene grounds of Bongeunsa Temple in the middle of this major city.

The Bongeunsa Temple was founded in 794. It’s a popular tourist destination where visitors can experience the life of a monk for two hours. The cache owner reminds people to be respectful and also to use stealth when hunting for the cache.

View of Buddha statue from near geocache site GCXNRW

This traditional cache is tied for the most Favorite Points received out of more than 4000 geocaches in South Korea. Geocaching Favorites is a new feature on Geocaching.com.

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  • Alkhalikoi

    Hey! That’s my picture of the Buddah right there! What a fun surprise! This really was one of my all-time favorite caches.

    I had previously only cached in the Bay Area and Northern California — I hadn’t even gotten a cache in Nevada before I went to Korea on business last April — I made some time to get a total of twelve caches over there, nine up in the mountains, and three in that part of Seoul. This is right across the street from Coex, the biggest convention center in Seoul, and was a great find in the early morning. Koreans seem to calibrate difficulty and terrain a little low (I’d have called this a 2 or 2.5 to find, just because you have to really get into the shrubs there to get it) — another cache up in the mountains was a “3.5” and I wouldn’t have touched it without technical climbing gear. But it’s all good fun there and here!