Geocaching.com Caption Contest 19 – Win a Barely Coveted Prize

WINNING CAPTION: “Muggles are coming! Quick! Act ‘natural!”‘ – apolloman25

Try your caption writing skills in the nineteenth installment of our Geocaching.com Caption Contest.   You could become the proud winner of a barely coveted prize! What caption would you write? “I think the muggles might be onto you.” You can do better!

Barely coveted prize

Submit your caption by clicking on “Comments” below. Please include your geocaching username in all entries. Then, explore the captions that other geocachers crafted.

You can influence the voting.  “Like” the caption that you think should win.  If you think your caption should win, convince your fellow geocachers to “like” your caption.  Lackeys decide between the top captions to crown the winner of this Geocaching.com Caption Contest.

Click on the photo to see the winner of this caption contest
The winner receives a barely coveted prize from Groundspeak Headquarters — the temporary 10 Years! tattoos pictured at left.

14 Lackeys voted to award the winner of the eighteenth Geocaching.com Caption Contest a barely coveted prize. Click on the image at right to discover the winning caption from the previous Geocaching.com Caption Contest. Apparently Lackeys have a soft spot for Monty Python movie references.

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  • GaryAZ

    Getting a “leg up” on Geocaching.

  • Gianster98

    I tried to leave my wife but she wouldn’t stay

  • Gianster98

    Took McDonald’s toy, Left a wife TB, SL TFTC

  • Gianster98

    Can someone tell me how to get the log out?

  • Bkmcadie

    The latest experiments in Muggle evasion techniques are coming along nicely

  • Kpb4999

    BozoSpringer writes…”I’m shaking it Boss, I’m shaking it”

  • LugiLugia

    “my god! thats a big geocache! Its a big and fat one!”
    “uh… john… thats my sister….”

  • 4pntrs

    Every time I come here, I lose my GPS signal.

  • Road King Phoenix

    In order to find the cache, I must BE the cache.

    Road King Phoenix

  • One in the bush is worth two in the hand.

  • TypeOMarty

    It’s the new and improved Chia-cache!!

  • Rich1ell

    Today Jane decided it was time to trim her bush

  • SailorKnightWing

    “I’ll show those darned cachers to snoop on MY property! They’ll never know what hit ’em!”

  • SNBGeo07

    S&BGeo – OMG I would lose my legs if they were not attached to me

  • AicramNitrof

    “Who took that unathorized picture of me?”

  • Rmayben9


  • Cockney Yachtsman


  • wheezor

    Hint: Don’t bark up the wrong tree.

  • Rustyknightjustme

    “I hate micros!”

  • Candlesflaming

    the gps says its right around here….somewhere…

  • Candlesflaming

    bring forth a shrubbery!!

  • Sdrowdies

    No, you take ’em off!

  • Sylvain Dupuis

    It’s bad then this tree dont have flowers….if it was nobody should see her!

    C’est triste que l’arbre n’ait pas de fleur….personne ne l’aurait vue!

  • Coman123

    (T)ouched (N)othing
    (L)ooked at (N)othing
    (S)aw (L)arge Husband

  • Stop beating about the bush and get on with it woman!!

  • chamberscreek

    Desperate to meet a nice guy, Janine shyly ventured into the new realm of GeoDating…

  • Thantoz

    SHHHHHHHHH! There’s muggles out there!

  • Cobraguys

    Oh, those muggling squirrels!

  • Be stealth when around Muggles…….uh, my legs?….what?

  • 2bunee’z

    I don’t think my stealth is working?

  • Unionweiss

    Jen stayed at the DoubleTree while I geocached…..

  • Dashleyrva

    1/1 Middle One

  • One, two, TREE!… ready or not, here I come!

  • One, two, TREE! Ready or not, here I come!

  • PapaPhil

    Beginner tip #31: Don’t stay too glued to that arrow; — remember to look around you while walking.

  • Mwpabragg

    It says I am within 2 feet

  • 5cachtrackers

    Circle the one that doesn’t match.


    Hey, when will it end, this legs geocoin is even bigger than that super size anchor geocoin!

  • TxCoastie

    I think I will leave this trackable here. It may require maintenance if I take it.

  • Tebb and Harry

    When my husband said he’d take me Caching to enjoy and become one with nature…. I wasn’t quite expecting it to be this personal!

  • irisisleuk

    Yes I know I have found the cache, but I’m still searching for the souvenir!

  • Jeff Breit

    I’d like to recognize Luther Burbank. Without his innovations in grafting, this sort of cache would never have been possible

  • Frey5

    Cache Name : The Pocket Cache

    Short Description: Small container hidden in plain sight in our favorite local pocket park. No hint given…the name says it all!


  • mooselicks

    As Tim, Mary and Jim prepare to geocahing, Mary suddenly realizes she forgot her camo pants.

  • mooselicks

    As Tim. Mary and Jim prepare to go geocaching, Mary suddenly remembers she forgot her camo pants.

  • Will-Tell

    Hint: Micro hidden at base of fancy tree root.

  • madmajor

    the hint said “tree coverd ivy” !!

  • shrek & fiona

    blend in muggles are coming

  • fathead431

    :O Jesus is coming! quick, look busy!

  • Born2Run GeoCaching

    Yes, They said STEALTH required.