“Preikestolen” GCGGHB GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – January 3, 2011

View from near ground zero of Preikestolen

Out of the 13,000 geocaches in Norway, “Preikestolen” (GCGGHB) has received the most Favorite Points.

The  traditional geocache brings adventurers to one of the most popular natural attractions in Norway—”Preikestolen” or “Pulpit Rock.” Geocachers reach the site after a rugged two hour hike.

The jagged granite ledge is perched 1982 feet (604 meters) above the waterway below.

The geocache “Preikestolen” was hidden in 2003 by Andersen64. The difficulty 1.5, terrain four cache has been found by more than 500 geocachers so far.

A geocacher who recently logged “Preikestolen” wrote this: “A wonderful hike with brilliant views on a perfect Saturday while visiting friends in Norway. Well worth the effort.”

Preikestolen has received 40 Favorite Points to date. Geocaching Favorites is a new feature on Geocaching.com providing a simple way to track and share the caches that you enjoyed the most. Learn more here.

"Preikistolen" or "Pulpit Rock"

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