A Video Two Years in the Making – Finishing “Cache Across America”

Lorrie LeBlanc “Lorriebird” is one of six Geocaching.com members that can claim a smiley on the Cache Across America – Series Final (GC12E08).  According to the cache page, “This is a series of caches that will take you on a coast to coast tour of the entire United States. One cache in this series is hidden in each of the 50 United States. These caches each contain a numeric clue that that will lead you to this final cache located somewhere in our nation’s capitol upon completion of the series.”

It’s a daunting series that Lorrie, an airline pilot, started in 2008. She says, “While traveling anywhere in the world is a great thing, I just believe that the United States has so much to offer that most folks will never see!  I have a ‘bucket list’ of places I wish to visit, but my list started with visiting all 50 states.”

Lorrie discovered geocaching after reading a newspaper article about the treasure-hunting adventure. “I tried to get my younger brother interested in geocaching…  I ended up being the one addicted.” Her discovery came only two years before beginning the Cache Across America series. “I started caching on July 9, 2006…the last day that I ever touched my golf clubs (which are still gathering dust in the garage to this day…).”

On the cache page for the final cache in the series Lorrie writes, “Oh sure, the many trips were amazing. The thousands and thousands of miles of driving seemed endless at times. Some of the sights I saw were breathtaking (and so were my VISA bills ).” But she says something was more important than all of that, “Cache Across America (CAA) was really all about people.” Read her Geocaching.com log to find out about the people who cheered Lorrie on to complete the challenge.

But she has advice for you too, if you’re considering attempting a major geocaching adventure. She says, “Technology is your BFF!  I wouldn’t do it without a ‘paperless capable’ GPS.  Spend lots of time beforehand planning routes and downloading Pocket Queries to save in your files before long trips in case your plans change. I carried an aircard so I could access the internet anywhere on my laptop and that became a real help many times on the road.  And if you are going after a specific cache research it beforehand and make sure it is not disabled before you drive thousands of miles!  Take lots of pictures and jot down some notes…you will happy later that you did.”

Lorrie not only completed the challenge and made new friends, but she also put her conquest in a video. She says, “Actually there is no ‘video’ in my video! It is just the collection of still photos that I had in my files from my Cache Across America journey.  I was recently asked by the organizers of Florida’s annual Cacheapalooza event to give a presentation about Cache Across America, and this video is what I made for that presentation.  I am happy now that I spent so much time taking pictures, especially of all the state boundary signs.  Those were the toughest and many times I had to exit a highway and circle back around to get another shot at a missed one.  I found my first CAA cache in October 2008, and finished the CAA final in June 2010.”

Watch the “video” and wonder… could you complete a geocaching series like this?

  • Honeychile

    Amazing! What a journey that you’ll remember all your life!

  • Congratulations Lorrie!

  • now log the cache. 50 caches and now im going to Disneyland

  • Pyantomasi

    That was a joy to watch, Lorribird. Inspiring, too. I’ll ponder making a similar video — maybe Pinellas County, FL. Quilter 11

  • Unfortunately is the video unavailable in some countries because of used music 🙁 Never mind, congrat Lorrie!

  • Jarda Mr

    Superjourney. My congratulations.

  • Davidpiet

    Congratulations! What a great accomplishment!

  • Congratulations on completing a once in a lifetime adventure most of will only dream of.

  • Frank_Z

    Great accomplishment, congratulations.
    Too bad that the video is not available in Germany because it contains content from Sony and UMG.

  • Baklug

    Wow! What a neat adventure………2Hillbillies

  • Asrmatt

    What an amazing accomplishment. I hope to one day be able to complete such a feat!

  • Chellelay (Michelle)

    Once only a dream, but with faith and hope and determination a reality it became!!! Congratulations on such an accomplishment!!!

  • Let’s Look Over Thayer

    I wish I had the time to make this journey myself but I loved watching the video and vicariously sharing the adventure. Congrats, Lorriebird

  • So awsome. Very smart of you to snap all those pics to put your video together. Hopefully some day I’ll be able to come close to what you’ve accomplished. WOW Congrats

  • Scriptrhythm

    Three cheers for Lorriebird … for all the times I have cursed her name while trying to find one of her geocaches, I am happy for her accomplishment. Believe it or not when read the headline and glanced the picture I correctly identified Lorriebird – which is kinda odd since I’ve only seen one picture of Lorriebird from a mystery cache … be well, scriptrhythm

  • Kaydivine1 tumbleweed2

    Wow! What an amazing adventure! And an excellent job in putting the show together. This is something you will never forget! I found my first, and only so far, Cache Across America, in Oregon last spring.

    tumbleweed2 aka Kay Divine

  • BackpacknJack

    Thanks for the video Lorribird, thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I’ve only cached in 36 States so I have a few States to go but I plan on making all 50 too. BackpacknJack

  • Georgei

    amazing trip. Thanks for the video truly a great showcase of America and Caching. All the best.
    hope you come and visit Australia.
    Regards Mr.Coffee and the Coffee Clan.

  • KB

    “This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment and UMG, one or more of whom have blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.”
    Can’t watch this video in Sweden (even if I turn off the sound). 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Thanks for the reading though, and congratulations on this feat!

  • david

    Thanks for the wonderful video Lorriebird. Happy geocaching! Oh, amazing pics. Thanks!

  • Gator Man

    Lorriebird, I’m proud to count you as one of my Geocaching friends. See you at CacheApalooza 6!

  • Gypsy G.

    Wonderful! Captures the true spirit of geocaching.

  • Congratulations…thanks for sharing. Nice photography.

  • What a wonderful video and amazing photos! Congrats! Cache On!

  • Jeffreywriter

    Congrats Lorrie, I’ve only got a few states left to cache in to claim the whole U.S. and that’s just to get ANY cache in those states. I can’t imagine how hard it is to go for a specific cache in each state. Mine are just grabbing caches in my free time while traveling on business. Very impressive accomplishment, and great video and pics! Next time you are in Southern California/Orange County area look us up (Thunderwear & OCShopaholic), we would love to join you for a day of caching!

  • YAY Lorrie, congrats!!!

  • J Blakeney

    This video was so impressive! What a wonderful collection of memories! I congratulate you on your immense accomplishment, you should be extremely proud!!

  • DangerousDale

    That is an awesome video and looks like it was a great adventure! We did the Florida Challenge and had a great time. So it looks like now we have to put the Cache Across America as our next Challenge. Thanks for the great inspiration and video!

  • Zh809907

    Wow,,,, that was awesome!

  • Domo!!! And HUGE Congrats lorriebird!
    Just watched it with a ton of ENVY, though…
    Another Challenge for my bucket list.
    Need to find a CAA cache first…
    One day…

  • volksie99

    What an amazing feat! Kudos to you for completing the CAA and putting this amazing video together! It will definitely inspire others to get out there and go caching!!!! Thank you for sharing and good luck on your future caching goals!

  • Btrapp1999

    Wow What an adventure you have been on congrats on the big accomplishment ! Great video

  • This is an amazing, inspiring video. As you make your vacation plans, this may inspire you (and if you are a geocacher, it will make you nuts–in a good way).

  • Susie395

    Amazing!! You are my hero! Susie395

  • Smman34


  • Tt101p

    What a dream come true for any cacher !!!!! I really enjoyed all the pictures that you added . Now I have something to shoot for in my quest for the allmighty cache.

  • Aypalma

    Your “video” makes me proud of my country in whole new ways! Congrats on your accomplishment and THANK YOU.

  • Mikestervision

    Okay I need a little help here. I have never done any of this searching but found one of the boxes. I live in St. Louis, Missouri. I did not really look through the contents until I got it home. It was at this time that I found the note with the website. Here’s the problem. Not sure exactly where I picked it up at. Have a general idea but I assume it needs to go back right where it was. Hate to think someone will be looking for it but unable to find it. This thing has received a lot of activity and has been charted back to 07. Latest activity was yesterday. I would like it if someone could pick this up and get it back on track. I can be reached at 314-RAD-MIKE(723-6453) or on my cell at 314-562-3404. You can email me also at mikestervision@hotmail.com Thanks for any help I could get. Hate to think I ruined this for anyone.

  • Mikestervision

    Sorry for disturbing your thread. I was able to find the owner and send them a message. Thank you all for the help I received 🙂 Think I may have just gotten hooked by accident…Happy Hunting 🙂


    Congrats to Lorribird keep up the good work sorry I missed you at CP5 hope you meet you at CP6. GTSTANGPURPLE…

  • Is there any notation on the cache (a GC#)?

  • chad-bad

    very cool video i sure it was fun makeing it

  • Coombs Wooden Shoe

    Wow, awesome!
    That is a dream come true.
    Good on you and congrats from Vancouver Island, BC. Canada