“Entrance to Mordor” GC14NA0 GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – February 7, 2011

"Entrance to Mordor"

Live the adventure of the Lord of the Rings by finding the geocache  “Entrance to Mordor” (GC14NA0). The search to find this cache takes geocachers into the darkness of an abandoned underground train service station in  Sweden.  Norpan & rand althor hid this mystery cache.

In order to crack the mystery and find the cache (referred to on the cache page as “your precious”) treasure-hunters decipher information at the cache coordinates. Geocachers take the information and plug it into a formula found on the cache page to discover the “Entrance to Mordor.”


More than 100 geocachers received a smiley for this cache since the difficulty 3.5, terrain 3.5 cache was hidden in 2007. “Entrance to Mordor” also has 22 Favorite Points so far. Geocaching Favorites is a new feature on Geocaching.com.

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  • Biggeekers

    Looks like the Mines of Moria, if you ask me! 😉

  • ebbehad

    I was FTF on this one.

  • Soccer Bulldog

    Looks pretty creepy! Cache is actually 3.5/4 instead of 3.5/3.5. I LOVE Lord of the Rings so if I’m every in the area I’ll just have to stop by! 😉
    ~RTB, CA,USA

  • BrazosSticks

    Scary. Think I’ll bring my Walking Stick to probe around. Feel safer that way. 🙂

  • rand_althor

    Cool, this is a bit of an honour… I didn’t even notice this until I got the URL to this post sent to me by email.

  • Paulboy

    I can see it, can you???

  • robnzh

    Hey Mordor was actually a site in New Zealand! Doesn’t seem to be a cache there in its honor though, surprisingly enough.