“Language of Location” – A Geocaching.com Video

Each of the more than 1.3 million geocaches around the world share an adventure and tell a story. We call it  the “Language of Location.” A Geocaching.com video crew tracked three stories from Larry Yuzuki (NakoTacoPatrol) and friends in Los Angeles, California, Trez Moore (Trez*) at Lake Lanier, Georgia and Molly Shock (mshock) in Hollywood, California. Each geocacher shares the story of what makes the location of their favorite cache so captivating, and what that location says to them.

Trez revisits his very first find in Georgia which hooked him on geocaching in 2002.  This location, deep in the woods, has a personal and sentimental history.

NakoTacoPatrol along with geocaching friends visit a string a caches he placed along a breathtaking look out.  He’d lived next to the hiking path for almost half a decade and never knew it existed. He decided the location had to be shared with other geocachers and placed a cache series called, “The Queen’s Necklace.” You’ll have to watch the video to find out how the cache series got its name.

Mshock shows us a rare view of the Hollywood sign that she might never have found were there not a cache in the area.  She loves caching for its historical  significance, specifically related to films that she loves.

Watch the video and learn the “Language of Location.” Now tell us, where does your favorite cache take you?

  • Radioscout

    This is a great video. Many thanks for it.

  • LovOrca

    Always fun to see cachers who we have be out and about with (RavRobin & Foon), met at Geowoodstock (NakoTakoPatrol), and had attended the most FUN events with (MShock)! Great video all!

  • authorized users

    In reply to the question, “Now tell us, where does your favorite cache take you?”… My husband and I have three favorite caches: STGT: SLR 08:Tibbetts Point, STGT:CLO08:Genesee Riverway, and Traditional Cache Bruce Wayne’s Lair. The first two caches are on the Great Lakes Seaway Trail GeoTrail and the third is local to us. Tibbetts Point is an amazing lighthouse on the St. Lawrence River. Seeing the gigantic freightliners pass by was simply amazing. It was simply a fantastic and historic place to visit! At the Genesee Riverway cache, you had to walk along a 3,572 ft-long boardwalk in Turning Point Parkm where large freightliners go to turn around while on the Genesee River. We didn’t see any freightliners turn around, unfortunately, but it was simply an amazing experience to walk on the boardwalk over the water and plant life. Our third favorite cache to this point in our caching career is Bruce Wayne’s Lair. We trekked to this cache in heavy snow and spent hours enjoying the scenery and history of this cache, which took us to the opening of some local underground mines. It was a breathtaking experience for us to arrive at the mine entrances (gated up for safety) and be able to look inside at what were once very active mines. The history of these mines is simply mind-blowing!

    I could write on and on about the experiences, but this is as brief as I can be. My husband and I highly suggest that everyone experience these caches at some point in their lives. There is so much more adventure and history out there and we plan on experiencing it all!

  • My favourite would have to be GCA0ED The Battle of Queenston Heights because it takes on a very scenic and very historical tour. It was also quite challenging and fun.