“Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Scene 21” GCP439 GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – February 28, 2011

Geocachers facing off against the killer rabbit

A killer rabbit, the Holy Grenade of Antioch and Monty Python’s search for the Holy Grail all intersected at one precise location in 1975. This Scotland location is  Tomnadashan Mine, but for fans of the British comedy troop Monty Python, and the movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” the location is best known as the lair of the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog.

The geocache “Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Scene 21” (GCP439) has brought more than 100 adventurers to the location since it was hidden in 2005.  Some geocachers even add their own makeshift props adapted from the movie, including their own “killer rabbit.”

The killer rabbit about to attack

The logs thank Snaik and a Deceased Parrot for placing the cache and keeping a small part of movie history from vanishing into the Scottish countryside. One entry reads, “I would never have known this were here if it weren’t for geocaching! I packed a holy hand grenade just in case, but the rabbit must be hibernating early. Thanks for bringing me here!”

The cache page for the difficulty 1.5, terrain 4 cache also details the non-cinematic history of the site as an abandoned mining operation. But it’s the reference to the Monty Python movie that has geocachers traveling deep into rural Scotland with their GPS device, a pen to the sign the log and a “killer” stuffed rabbit to pose in pictures.

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  • Dwaynel

    This is just too cool for words! I hope they made the cache container look like the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch!

  • No, but when I visited it I left a stuffed holy hand grenade for the first finder 🙂

  • CTForester

    There are a few in NYC called “On Location:…”. I was at “On Location: Seinfeld” while they were filming a movie that’s scheduled to be released in January 2012 called “Premium Rush” with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I was standing with the cache in my hand when the director pointed to the corner and said the camera was pointing towards where I was standing. He said “Action…Cut”. I’ll let everyone know if I’m in a movie while caching. You’ll recognize the restaurant.

  • Stapletonfam

    Wouldyoubelieve that Scene 21 REALLY happened to me? It did! We adopted a cute little bunny rabbit and the next day I went to pet it and it jumped 4 feet in the air and took a bite of my face. It was horrible! Everyone at worked laughed and said “That’s just like the Monty Python movie”. Yeah, it was really funny! NOT
    I would so love to go find this cache! Kudos to the cache owner for putting it all together. Phenomenal!

  • Wingaap

    Greetings from Australia …. I have also placed a couple of caches based on Monty Python. The first was HHOA (holy hand grenade … a hand crafted orb complete with jewels), a dark night (a full size replica of the dark knight … minus arms and legs) and I also constructed and placed ‘Trojan Rabbit’ (a scaled down version of course). The have all proven to be quite popular. Now how can I post a photo or two?

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  • I want to go to there…

  • fri.sch

    I was there in 2010. And now it’s the cache of the week. Great!

  • Scprobert

    I think i just soiled my self….