Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – March 3, 2011

Get Involved with Geocaching Groups

Geocaching organization at a Cache In Trash Out (CITO) event

Local geocaching organizations and associations have done a lot for this activity over the years. They have worked with parks departments to bring geocaching back to parks that once misunderstood it, set up geocaching programs in their communities, taught those new to this activity about good geocaching practices and much more. They are local geocaching ambassadors.

Geocaching groups are also a great way to meet friends to go geocaching with, whether you’re finding your 1000th cache or are a brand new geocacher who wants to try geocaching before purchasing a GPS device. Headed to a foreign country for a week? Contact the group closest to your destination and you’re likely to have a group of local geocachers eager to show you the best caches in their area.

Check out the geocaching groups sections of the Groundspeak Forums to learn more.