“First Germany” GC77 GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – April 4, 2011

"First Germany" GC77

A rusty ammo can has been hidden in the woods southeast of Berlin since October 2, 2000.  The geocache’s name explains the significance this cache holds for Germany.

“First Germany” (GC77) was the first geocache placed in the country. It’s now a popular favorite, accumulating more than 230 Geocaching Favorite Points.

Ferenc originally placed the difficulty 1.5, terrain 1 cache. Later BlackyV adopted the historic cache.

More than 1600 geocachers have logged a smiley on the cache.  Some geocachers even adjust their vacation to make sure they can log “First Germany.”

One geocacher wrote this log just yesterday: “When we planned our Berlin tour we definitely planned this cache, so we made our way back a little detour and found the [geocache].  A must have for real geocach(ing) fans. Thanks to conservation and the maintenance!”

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