Geocaching.com Caption Contest 23 – Win a Barely Coveted Prize

WINNING CAPTION: "Ask him if he has a pen."- hpacheco

EDITOR’S NOTE: The voting was close between this caption and Spade76’s entry, “My mother in law wants to get into geocaching so I set this one up for her.” Many Facebook users who voted for Spade76’s caption also admitted they really do like their mother-in-law.

Exercise your caption writing wit and wisdom in the 23rd installment of our Geocaching.com Caption Contest.  You could earn a barely coveted prize! What caption would you write? “Now I know why this is rated as a difficulty five.” You can do better!

Barely coveted prize

Submit your caption by clicking on “Comments” below. Please include your geocaching username in all entries. Then, explore the captions that other geocachers have crafted.

You can influence the voting. “Like” the caption that you think should win.  If you think your caption should win, convince your fellow geocachers to “like” your caption. Lackeys decide between the top captions to crown the winner of the Geocaching.com Caption Contest.

Click on the image to see the winner of this Geocaching.com Caption Contest

The winner receives a barely coveted prize from Groundspeak Headquarters. This contest the barely coveted prize a sheet of eight Geocaching.com stickers.

16 Lackeys voted to award the winner of the 22nd Geocaching.com Caption Contest a barely coveted prize. Click on the image at right to discover the winning caption from the previous Geocaching.com Caption Contest.

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  1. *a persons*can i pet the kitty thats kissing the man
    *a geocacher*sher you can pet the kitty *giggles evily*
    by:fast goKart 

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