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Prepare for your first geocaching adventure with two new easy to understand videos from Geocaching.com. Discover the tips and tricks of selecting and finding your first geocache. You’ll learn the best type of cache to select, what to bring and even tips on where to look. It’s all to give you the greatest chance for success in your inaugural GPS-enabled treasure hunt.

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Veteran geocachers can share these videos with your newbie friends to help them log their first smiley. Find these videos and dozens more  here.

  • Goblincamper2004

    It has been awhile since we found our first cache. It was back on the 23 March 2008 and happened to be Easter Sunday that year. My wife and I desided we wanted to take a drive, so we went up to Salt Lake City, and my wife’s brother called and wanted to know if we would want to maybe go find a couple geocaches in their area, so we went up to Bountiful, about 15 miles north of Salt Lake City, we went and found a couple caches and I found a little toy train engine in one and thought it was awesome, it was a fun time, and now we have found 2947 caches. The first cache we found has been archived and is no longer available, although here is the gc number and the name of the cache, GC15WP0, out of the park.

  • Very Useful for newbie cachers. I’m not an expert by any definition of the word. Tweeted it.

  • Bobnemily88

    Just found my first geocache! What a rush! I’m so excited to get back out there for more.

  • Poohroxx100

    April 17 2011 I found my first geocache. We went out for a wiener roast at some pond in Fort McMurray AB Canada and our friend was talking about them and I went to go pee and saw this container and just kept going on and went back and got it to look in and it was a Geo Cache!!! I was so shocked it was found by fluke! Now I want to find more!!! Best experience of life me and my sister put chap stick and an elastic band that’s all we had Lol
    Gaillyn and Hanna

  • jim

    Thanks very helpful.

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  • Darkwater1979

    In January 2011 my friend from work introduced my wife and I to Geocaching! Were hooked. We love it. We have so much fun Geocaching in England. Thanks DCDAWN!