Preview of Geocaching.com May 4th Website Release

Get ready for a new look and experience on Geocaching.com beginning May 4th. Geocaching.com will go offline for four to six hours on the 4th beginning approximately 9am PDT (GMT -7). Lackeys will be upgrading the database server to improve site performance. We will also be releasing the latest website update, which includes a sleek new design and interface for the homepage. Watch this screencast for a sneak peak of what to expect! Closed captioning on the screencast is available in both English and German.

  • Ewoods 11

    I hope the site improvements address the major map personalization issue I’ve been experiencing.

  • G3NPA

    Well I must say that I’m VERY disappointed in the new upgrade to Geocaching .com… WHy? ‘Cos its SLOW; the problems of the find icons has not been sorted out; I could draw by hand the beta maps quicker than they come from the web site.. No – NOT impressed one bit.

  • I think the new layout and design is great. The only thing I could complain about is that the profile page has not been touched, it has a confusing layout. For example, finding pocket queries, bookmarks, etc is difficult due to the illogical layout of that content. I consider myself a savvy web user and find myself sometimes confused. Hope this helps in further development of the site.

  • Paul

    5 Stars from me. I have sent a couple of critique emails to you in the past 2 weeks about the current poor state of the maps and loss of smilies etc, but now the new site is live, 5 stars from me..speed alone is vastly improved…oh, and im still using original maps..far better, easier, works in all browsers, allows you to load to gps directly from the google map bubble..

  • Anonymous

    I agree

  • fralanne

    A very nice update, but where is the map Gallery with my pictures?

  • jbeaton2

    Just want to put my 2 cents worth in. I also would like the smilies back on the google maps, I also miss the home location, and caches near you features.