Preview of Geocaching.com May 4th Website Release

Get ready for a new look and experience on Geocaching.com beginning May 4th. Geocaching.com will go offline for four to six hours on the 4th beginning approximately 9am PDT (GMT -7). Lackeys will be upgrading the database server to improve site performance. We will also be releasing the latest website update, which includes a sleek new design and interface for the homepage. Watch this screencast for a sneak peak of what to expect! Closed captioning on the screencast is available in both English and German.

  • Looks great!

  • gui look

    looks realy good. hopfully faster on mobile internet too!

  • Sbhound

    Looking forward to Wednesday afternoon. Changes look good and should facilitate new users as well as old.



  • looks good, we’re anticipating more fun and easier access

  • Virtuals???

  • Ktom

    Let’s hope they can get the maps working again! The new ones are missing caches, the old ones aren’t able to be “personalized”. They really need to do some user research!

  • Please keep the “determine my location” button, that’s really useful!

  • 15Tango

    Are you going to put benchmarks back on the main page, or do we still have to go to a cache page and then look for nearby benchmarks from that?

  • JDCB

    They’re not ‘missing’ caches, they’re just not displaying the Premium Member caches. Ok, after typing that out, that kinda does mean they’re missing, but that seems to be why…

  • Skythlimit

    I am so excited! It looks to be more user friendly. Thank you for the update.

  • mtrevas

    Hummm… i like this improvement!

  • VirusZero

    Looks absolutely great, but here’s a very sincere request on which I hope other Cachers will agree with me: Don’t use “Play”. Geocaching is a multifaceted combination of game, sport and hobby with as many physical challenges as it has mental ones. The use of the word “Play” in the menu is rather demeaning to the large spectrum of opportunities that geocaching offers. May I humbly suggest “Explore” instead?

  • Tina

    Hopefully we get the smilies back. It’s tiring figuring out which ones I’ve gotten and ones I haven’t..

  • Gaga66

    Looks great!! Is there going to be an update on the iPhone apps too?

  • Geocacher2

    Yahoo!…no pun intended….looks great so far…looking forward to the release..hope we get the smilies back on Googlemaps….nice to think my meager $30.00 is well used!

  • Cpine

    please just fix my maps….

  • Lizardsally

    You can see the smilies still, just use the beta maps and click on ” enable personalization.”

  • sfwife

    Unfortunately, sometimes it shows you your smilies and sometimes it doesn’t. 🙁

  • Samhoops

    Just like VirusZero, the word “Play” also caught my eye in an odd way. I dislike the word “Play” too because it makes it sound like just a game for kids, but it really is a great and exciting hobby! I like the idea of using “Explore” too or maybe just keeping trackables, hide and seek a cache, and guide seperate tabs at the top. 🙂

  • Aprilt

    It would be nice to keep the “hide my finds” button.

  • Kbltls

    Yeah, play is a weird menu item for geocaching…..otherwise it’s good.

  • iPhone app update scheduled for a few weeks from now! Android app is slated for an update in about a week.

  • bitbrain

    That’s a long way from the website I remember from 2002. 🙂 I look forward to playing with the new site.

  • GWRoss

    So that’s why they are missing! I hadn’t figured that out yet.

  • DragonsWest

    Um. So we get to beta test live. :-/ I really did like the side navigation and will be sad to see it go. Also, sorry to see it’s going the direction of moar javascript – which I dislike on so many pages already. Will this be form over function?

  • DragonsWest

    It has usually worked for me on Beta Maps, but seems to time out at some point and then the smilies are gone and all caches appear as unfound. Quite the nuisance. A reload of the page will fix it, but then if you have panned a long ways from home coordinates, you have to pan away again (and zoom in, too.)

  • riston2

    Looks like the same site sans the sidebar, with a new top bar, a new home page, and some formatting changes.

  • seberrys

    id like to see a revamp of the waymarking web page please groundspeak, i know not a lot of people use it but i love it and have introduced some friends to it. the web page is very clunky and not so user friendly. i would like to see some of my membership money being used to update this. thanks seberrys margaret river west australia 🙂

  • Karl (aka minitraveller)

    please please please can we have the smiles back!!!it makes it alot easier to see the geocaches you have done, when viewing them on the map!
    other fellow geocaches have said the same, bring back the smiles!!!!

  • Lesandjon

    Glad you spotted that, but they are still missing to me and I am a premium member

  • Lesandjon

    Why are some of the caches missing on the new maps??

  • JoenSue

    Bigger and smarter hamsters :). Goof luck wit the upgrade

  • Viisari

    Ooooh very nice, especially the new image thingy. Just have to remember to click it to full size if it’s needed in mysterys… I hope there’ll be a simplified mobile version for mobiles like Nokia someday…? Cause it really eats the batterys and takes a long time to load in my phone 🙂

  • Baack40

    Looks? No so concerned about that. Functionality? YES! It took me a longggg time to load caches yesterday for a trip on Wed. because the found caches kept showing up as unfound. I loaded, unloaded, loaded, unloaded. Almost decided it wasn’t worth going caching on Wed. Pocket Query didn’t even work for me yesterday. So had to load each individually. Calling up each cache page to see if I had found it or not. Another reason why I don’t like caches that are named the same except for being numbered, don’t recall whether I located them or not. I just hope all the information gets transferred properly. Keeping my fingers crossed and holding the faith in the programmers. Good Luck with the new roll-out.

    Also hope that there is more information for new users as to how to track trackables. Too many pick them up and mark discovered instead of retrieving or grabbing and then they don’t get tracked properly. Love moving trackables and too many times they aren’t in the caches for one reason or another. Disappointing.

    All in all love the sport, and the site.

  • Burt_Gummer

    I hope fixing the map issues is included in this update. I would really prefer a functional site to a cosmetically pleasing site any day. Please fix the maps!

  • Elaine

    Has anyone thought about if this change will impact the mobile website?

  • May the 4th be with you.

  • Shoughc

    will there be a update for the iphone?

  • Rachel Pitt

    my android app only shows traditional caches, will others show up on it too?

  • Anonymous

    How about using “Go Geocaching” instead of “Play” for the menu? Please?

  • Mdelgatty

    Personally, I’m thrilled I won’t have to scroll down past Long & Lat and all that other stuff to search by GC code or user name any more…

  • Thevidas_steve

    I agree… I don’t like the work “Play” either.
    Makes it sound like this is now an MMORPG or something, not the hobby/sport/adventure we all know and love.

  • VE5MDH

    Does anyone know what happened to My Finds in Map Mode? All Geocaches are without Happy Faces. Just like it was when I started out 528 caches ago!

    Any idea if this is one of tomorrows fixes???

  • Paul

    just fix the maps.. personalisation. I wrote 2 letters to you about the maps and how you were forcing upon us the new beta maps which quite frankly are poor and all I got back was 2 identical pasted replies.. Listen to your members and give us the maps that work and smilies!!!!!!!
    Nice looking web sites are all good and well…but if its just so the developers can show their skills off it doesnt help us..we need functionality that works..its all we ask

  • Paul

    This is very unreliable in beta maps..lets see if they get this right this time round. its such a mess around in its current format

  • Red Barrister

    The forums are great to answer my questions. There always has been an answer. So I can see Groundspeak is well aware that the beta maps don’t show Premium Caches even to Premium Members. In my area, that is a high percentage of the new and best. But, the old maps still aren’t showing personalization. In my area, that makes it real hard for me to locate new ones. I was hoping today’s revisions would fix that, but neither are working still. Please post when ONE will work!!!

  • If you go into your current settings there is a Basic and Advanced setting. The Basic is only traditional, the advanced shows all caches.

  • Good point – now that someone mentions it I agree. “Play” understates the full scope of the activity. We can even go a step further and go all new-agey “Explore – Find a treasure and yourself”

  • Ash’s Cachers

    Oh I agree totally, please don’t use ‘play’ – sounds really bad and gives wrong impression. Pleeeassse.