“Vermont 1” GC86 GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – May 2, 2011

View from near "Vermont 1"

Five months after the first geocache was placed in Oregon state in May of 2000, geocaching had spread Vermont. “Vermont 1” (GC86) was the first geocache placed in the state of covered bridges and brilliant fall colors.

GPS Guy and Michael McNeany placed the Multi-cache on October 15, 2000. More than ten years later, there are now more than 3700 geocaches in Vermont.

But Vermont 1 still has a place in local geocachers hearts. The cache has the most Geocaching.com Favorite Points in the state. The difficulty three, terrain three cache has been found more than 100 times. Located among the wooded rolling hills, this cache offers Geocachers scenic views. The first geocacher to log Vermont 1 this year wrote, “This was the find of the month for us! Thanks for the fun cache hunt and keeping this special one active.” Others thanked GPS Guy and Michael McNeany for planning the cache to take geocachers past a roaring waterfall.

Waterfall on the way to the cache

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