Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – June 14, 2011

Give Dad the Gift of Geocaching with the Magellan® eXplorist® GC
The GPS Device 100% Dedicated to Geocaching


The eXplorist GC provides the premium geocaching experience. Whether dad’s a seasoned geocacher with more than a thousand finds or a newbie who’s interested in getting in on the action, eXplorist GC includes all the tricks of the trade. With the eXplorist GC, dad can download more than 20 unique characteristics of each cache, including name, location, description, hider, size, difficulty, terrain, hint, spoilers, attributes, the last 20 user logs and more. Other great geocaching features include:

• Seamless connection to
• Pre-Loaded with the Most Popular Geocaches in the World
• 100% paperless geocaching
• Rugged and waterproof

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