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Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – June 22, 2011

Countdown to the Geocaching Block Party

Lackey dunk tank

The 2010 Lost & Found Celebration was so much fun that we decided to turn it into an annual event: the Geocaching Block Party. The 2011 Block Party will be on August 20th from 11 am to 3 pm. This is the third Saturday of August, which will be the first International Geocaching Day! The event will be in the plaza next to our soon-to-be new HQ office building, so make sure to check the cache page for coordinates, since they are slightly different than last year’s celebration.

Activities at the 2011 Block Party will include Pin the Antenna on Signal; beginner, intermediate and advanced geocaching courses; a Lackey dunk tank; and something that we will code name “Signal Seek.” We’re not ready to tell you about “Signal Seek” quite yet (hence the code name), but you’ll see it soon on Geocaching.com. Here is a hint: this activity will require a sense of adventure, a sense of direction and a sense of humor!

Block Party attendees will earn a special icon for the event. The icon is not currently on the cache page, but it will be added soon.

Groundspeak Lackeys voted the 2010 Lost & Found Celebration as one of the best things to happen at Groundspeak all year. Meeting the thousands of geocachers who came to the event and hearing their touching, hilarious and sometimes frightening geocaching stories was an invaluable experience for all of us here at Groundspeak HQ.

We hope to see you in Seattle on August 20th! If you can’t make it to this year’s Block Party, we encourage you to celebrate International Geocaching Day by hosting or attending an event in your area.