“Stadt im Wald” GC17K3A GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – June 6, 2011

"Stadt im Wald"

“Stadt im Wald” (GC17K3A) is a “Lost Place Cache.” The Multi-Cache takes geocachers through a rotting relic of the Cold War. The nine stages of the cache lead adventurers into an abandoned and decayed Soviet military base. This “lost place” in Eastern Germany is the size of a small city. The military installation has been largely forgotten since the fall of communism. The geocache was placed with landowner permission.

"Stadt im Wald"
"Stadt im Wald"

Geocachers are warned to take extreme safety precautions. They’re warned to be especially careful of broken glass and hidden holes in the ground. Geocachers are also reminded to respect the site and cause no further damage.

“Stadt im Walk” is a difficulty 3.5, terrain 3.5 cache. Hornesia placed the cache in 2007. It has accumulated more than 230 Geocaching.com Favorite Points.

This Geocache of the Week comes straight from two Lackeys traveling in Europe. They recorded local German geocachers as they completed the cache on June 2. The Geocaching.com video team is on location exploring some of the most exciting geocaching Germany and the Czech Republic have to offer. The videos will eventually be shown on Geocaching.com and YouTube.

Oh the places Groundspeak hamsters will go - Groundspeak videographer Reid shooting video in a secret location at "Stadt im Wald"

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  • thiasB

    “Stadt im Walk”? ;-)BTW: The final was really impressive as well as the bonus cache!

  • -jha-

    nice spoiler for the final (if you do not have a clue where to look when standing at the prefinal)

    anyway: You should mention, that at this cache you should avoid to be caught by the green jeep which is patrolling the area.

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    It is an interesting one. It’s actually quite deep once you
    get into it. I enjoyed the whole experience. 

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