A Baldwin Attraction (Otago) GCRZ51 GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK –

"A Baldwin Attraction (Otago)"

“A Baldwin Attraction (Otago)” (GCRZ51) takes geocachers to a world record setting street on New Zealand’s South Island.

Baldwin street in Dunedin holds the distinction of being named the World’s Steepest Street. A sign proclaims the Guinness Book of Records™ title.

Geocachers hoping to log “A Baldwin Attraction (Otago)” are encouraged to park their car at the bottom of the hill and then walk up the harrowing incline.

It is a difficulty one, terrain two cache. It was placed in 2006 by GSVNoFixedAbode and has rewarded more than 200 geocachers with smileys. The cache page suggests discretion or the cover of night when searching for this micro cache. The cache owner writes, “As this is a popular and well-populated area a reasonable degree of stealth is required.”

A World Record Street

One cacher from Switzerland who logged this cache wrote, “A really cool place! We enjoyed the walk up the steepest street of the world. Good to know, that it can’t get any worse… T4TC”

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  • Awesome! My sisters been there – she’s going to have a fit when I tell her there is a cache she missed!

  • Crystal Fairy

    It’s much more fun to see if your car can make it up the hill and then driving back down you can’t see the road in front of you !

  • ./.

    We actually have seen someone emptying a bucket of water onto that street. The next couple of cars couldn’t make the climb uphill, as they lost traction and skidded on the spot. Funny thing to watch.
    We didn’t get the cache though, don’t know why …

  • Although Baldwin is steep, it is actually not the steepest street in the world – It comes in at 35% grade, which places it 2% under Canton Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA. Canton is a 37% grade public road.  Oh, and of course there is a cache here… http://coord.info/GC1YPZ6