Eternity in Casablanca GC1P5G6 – GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – July 25, 2011

Part of the mosque in Casablanca

Learn about history through the eyes of Hollywood legend Humphrey Bogart. The Eternity in Casablanca geocache will take you on a journey through Morocco. The country is the location for the 1942 film, Casablanca. In the opinion of the cache owner, Silvana, “there is something eternal in this whitewashed town.”

This three-stage Puzzle Cache was hidden in 2009 and has since logged twelve favorites and 75 finds. According to a geocacher who logged a smiley on Eternity in Casablanca, “Each Station shows a nice area and gives you a good impression of Casablanca.”

The search for the cache begins by touring you through the majestic Hassan II Mosque. This one of a kind religious site is an intricate and beautifully crafted Arab-Muslim piece of architecture. Because of  its location near the sea, it is often described as  “The throne of god on the water”- and it is just the first stop on your hunt.

Your second set of coordinates will lead you to an unnamed cafe. Here you will have to discover the name of the site and a bit about its significance. Here is a hint from the cache owner you may find to be helpful, “Time passes ….. But every moment is recorded for eternity.” In order to log a smiley, once you figure out the name of the cafe and the other information from the puzzle, you must email Silvana with your answers.

Another un-named site in this 3-stage Puzzle Cache

The final destination of Eternity in Casablanca will take you to the top of an old military fortress tower with a view of the sea. According to Silvana, it “is the perfect place to say goodbye to Casablanca.” And don’t forget to snap a photo and ask for Mr. Taha.

A location to be discovered in this difficulty 3 Puzzle Cache

Before heading out on this historical, cinematic adventure, make sure to pack a camera and a pen. Because this is a difficulty three, terrain 2.5 Puzzle Cache, you may want to pay close attention to the name of the man at the third point and the details found in the additional hint.

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