Groundspeak Lackeys Road Trip to the ‘Greatest RV Event in the World’

The “Greatest RV Event in the World” gets even better. Geocaching.com is sending a team of Lackeys to share the adventure of geocaching with RVers at “The Rally” in Redmond, Oregon. The Rally runs from July 14 – 17.  It draws tens of thousands of RV’ers from around the United States and Canada. Groundspeak Lackeys: Nicole (Louie Bliss), Jessie (Firefox) and Lisa (barendje) will be shaking hands and introducing RVers to a perfect addition to their road trip, geocaching.

Watch this video to see the team launch on their road trip down to The Rally. If you’re attending The Rally, make sure to stop by and say hi to the Lackeys.

  • TJdamon

    My in-laws are there right now Volunteering, I’ll make sure and tell them to stop by and say Hi.

  • Darden-Leach

    I’m not sure how to get in touch with each of the above ladies supervisors, but I want to say they did a fantastic job at the rally!!!! I had not only the privilege to work as a vendor across from them, but they also took us (GEICO) on our first Geocaching adventure!!! I’m very glad I was introduced to geocaching and have signed up!!! As a result of the Rally you can now say you gained one new member and Lisa, Nicole and Jessie get all the credit for it!!!

    Erik (Darden-Leach)