“Butterfly Garden…” GC1HA96 GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK August 9, 2011

Butterfly Garden at the Changi Airport

Geocaching.com users Orangefizzy & Buntoro worked to receive permission from the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore to hide this cache. Butterfly Garden @ Changi Airport T3 Transit (GC1HA96) is placed inside the Changi Airport.

The geocache delivers adventurers to a micro-ecosystem. You hear the crash of a cascading waterfall, see more than 200 species of tropical plants, and watch more than 1000 free-roaming butterflies flutter from flower to flower.

You can experience the tropical oasis, and log the difficulty one, terrain one geocache, between international flights. Some geocachers even use the cache to build anticipation for their own travel through the Changi Airport.

Butterfly Garden at the Changi Airport

One cacher who logged a “Found it!” wrote, “Since we booked our flight to Bali half a year ago, I watched this cache nearly once a week. And today was the day and I found this great cache together with my beautiful wife. A really perfect place to relax, watch the butterflies and find a cache.” More than 500 geocachers have logged a smiley on the cache at Geocaching.com.

Butterfly Garden Geocache

While the cache has been approved by the landowner the cache page still advises discretion. It reads, “Workmen and contractors probably do not know the existence of the cache and are unlikely to understand it.  So please be mindful to maintain stealth at all times.”

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    Oh I have found that Geocache! The whole of Singapore airport is AMAZING! This really was a great way to spend a stopover in between Paris & Australia.

  • Orangefizzy

    Thanks for this coveted honour! The cache has been a pleasure to conceive and set up. And we hope that the cache will survive despite the many challenges it has faced thus far. Thanks for all your encouraging comments and also to all the kind geocachers who help to maintain the cache.

    If you have time do visit our little island of Singapore and try some of the caches here!

    Happy Geocaching!

    Orangefizzy & Buntoro

  • Chrysalides

    I just thought that it was funny Singaporeans will not be able to log this cache – unless they’re flying out of the country 🙂

    I logged this one back in Feb 2009. I’ve told everyone who’s flying to or transiting in Singapore about it. Wonderful cache, and if not for it, I wouldn’t have known about the butterfly garden.

  • tvchick

    This just reminded me: Singapore is one of the countries I have yet to visit in Asia.  Now I have another good reason to!  How beautiful!