Geocaching.com “Photo” Challenge – A Sneak Peek

Here’s the latest sneak peak Geocaching Challenges video. Geocaching Challenges are an innovative new way to experience and share location-based adventures around the world. Groundspeak is anticipating releasing Challenges on Geocaching.com later this week.  Geocaching Challenges will also be available via free smartphone apps for the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 platforms.

Groundspeak is beginning by launching two types of Challenges: Action and Photo. The video above describes what an Photo Challenge is. Additional types of Challenges are slated to be added in the future.

Geocaching.com Premium Members will be able to create Action and Photo Challenges.

Check out this blog post for an animated video teaser about Challenges.

  • Amydupas

    So they are bringing back locationless and reverse caches….kinda

  • GOF

    I can’t require someone to take a picture of themselves in a funny hat to get credit for finding the box I hid but I can make them wear the hat and get a smiley for finding a place with no box? Consistency is a word GS has trouble with, isn’t it.

  • JJG10101

    I’ll be curious to see the reaction to photo challenges. I’m reserving judgment, but I’m guessing lots of folks won’t like it.

  • No reserving judgement here. I love photography and I love geocaching PERFECT MIX!

  • Skruffymann


  • Guest

    As with earthcaches, will photographs be optional?

  • Anonymous

    No reserving judgement here. I love photography and I love geocaching PERFECT MIX

  • Anonymous

    o they are bringing back locationless and reverse caches….kinda

  • Anonymous

    That’s actually a very good description of how Geocaching.com is consistent. If you found a cache, you should be able to log it as found. If you want to complete a challenge, you can complete it. But you shouldn’t restrict someone from logging a cache as found because you have a silly logging requirement.

  • Anonymous

    For a photo challenge? A photo is required, naturally. But an action challenge doesn’t require a photo.

  • disliker

    What a crap.

  • Anonymous

    Eloquently written.

  • GOFcaching

    Actually no it isn’t. It is a good description on how to fence sit. “we allow that. Now we don’t. Now we do again.”

  • Seems very much like Photo goals category in Waymarking…I like that one:)

  • I!

    There’s a privacy issue in demanding cachers upload a photo of themselves doing something (OK, unless the cacher is wearing a frog suit).  As challenges are not reviewed, does that mean that GS’s chosen solution to that privacy problem is “don’t do the challenges you don’t like” ?

  • Lizardsally

    Interesting, I love photography so I like this idea a lot.  What I really want to know is, since there’s no “cache” involved, are these photo challenge locations subject to the saturation policy?  Or can I hide a cache with silly eyeglasses inside it, and a photo challenge at the same spot, and ask people to upload a photo of themselves with the glasses on, and that way people can choose not to do the challenge, or they can do both and get 2 smileys in one place?

  • N.

    You’re across the street from my work there, Signal.

  • redhead3434

    It says that they are not subject to the saturation guidelines.

  • Lizardsally

    I think they should have called these something else besides “challenges” as people already use that word to describe challenge caches.  (Like where there’s a logging requirement such as you have to find a cache in every county in a state or whatever.)

  • Vanderarban

    stupid.  checked it out when it launched.  basically you can sit on your couch in front of your computer and rise you geocaching number to the sky for taking stupid pictures of yourself.  CX should be disabled and thrown away forever!

  • Vanderarban

    Oh I almost forgot.  someone posted a BAD IDEA challenge.  saying if you dissapprove to write an email to groundspeak.  It was disabled in no time flat!

  • Vanderarban

    except it isn’t geocaching.  in most cases I have seen thus far you don’t need a gps, map, or anything else that might actually present a challenge.  just a camera and a minute to kill

  • Anonymous

    So there aren’t caches you can find with a GPS and a minute to kill?

  • Anonymous

    That’s an easy bet on the Internet.

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  • oohh so sweeet:) Great picture.