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Geocacher of the Month Geocoin

Groundspeak needs your help featuring a geocacher each month that stands out by inspiring other geocachers with their innovation, creative hides and/or logs, respect for the environment, and helpfulness. More than a fifty geocachers submitted outstanding nominees from around the world.

The featured Geocacher of the Month recognition celebrates geocachers for their contributions.  A panel of Lackeys had the difficult task of selecting three of the most outstanding nominees. You can help name one of these nominees the featured “Geocacher of the Month.”

Each geocacher you see below displays extraordinary geocaching qualities including generosity and  inventiveness. Write a comment on this blog post about which of these three geocachers you’d like to see as the September featured “Geocacher of the Month.” Those not recognized as a nominee or as the featured “Geocacher of the Month” are encouraged to submit nominations again next month.

Read the testimonials below and leave a comment with your suggestion. Some testimonials have been edited for length.


(Member since 2006)


Nomination by pkreun: “AussieCacher has hosted events in both the US and his native country, Australia, helping experienced and new geocachers alike. He is always willing to go out of his way to help others. In 2007 he organized a Travel Bug race from Sydney, Australia to Sioux Falls, South Dakota with 33 Travel Bugs taking part in the race.  He laminated each competitors TB details and delivered them all to the starting location in Australia. AussieCacher has created and hidden some very unique and creative geocaches in both Australia and the US. Many of these geocaches have not been seen anywhere else and were hand made from scratch.

AussieCacher thoroughly enjoys the outdoors and respects the environment immensely. During his travels geocaching he has performed CITO many times and rescued animals from turtles, birds, frogs to dumped kittens. AussieCacher has taken part in 12 CITOs and just last month he hosted his first CITO.  He has developed 12 EarthCaches as well as finding over 180.”



(Member since 2005)


Nomination by The Weasel:  “Jeff has hosted five “official” 101, 201, and 301 events. What I would like to stress is that Jeff has done WELL over 50+ 101 events for SEVERAL groups from the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Libraries, and any group that asks for a class to be held. Some of these events have been several hours away, but Jeff is always willing to lend a hand and do this.

Jeff has hosted 8 “unofficial” trips to a 5×5 caches of his, The Siege!. This is a very extreme cache which involves going over a cliff face. Jeff is ALWAYS willing to take groups to this cache to ensure their safety.

Jeff is a VERY active member of the Iowa Geocachers Organization where he has held a position on the BOD for several of years as well as part of the Land Management committee.

Jeff is a volunteer  with the Linn County Conservation, and has donated several hours helping them with various events.

Jeff is a model geocacher which all of us in the area and beyond can be proud of. He is always willing to lend advice/help to any cache that approaches him or contacts him.”



(Member since 2006)


Nomination by OddAngles: “David and Tina would be an excellent choice for this award.  This team has a Fire Love for Geocaching. They will take anyone who wants to caching and take them to do any and every cache that their heart desires.

David and Tina are always willing to participate in CITO’s and have co-held many CITO Events.

They have been caching since December 2006.

I would say David and Tina are well rounded cachers in experience when it comes to terrains and difficulties.  Their cache hides are as versatile as the caches that they’ve hunted.  The Pilgrim’s have hidden water caches and high terrain land hides as well.

When Pilgrimsprogress help’s with an event, they will go to no end to make it fun.  David and Tina will come up with the most exciting and fun games.  Besides the Human Checkers, they did a boardwalk team race once…where a team of 3 had to walk using boards as their feet. Pilgrimsprogress also co-managers of a Geocaching Group out of Augusta, Georgia called “CSRA Geocachers”.  They are the heart and soul, the brains and backing behind many of the group’s monthly events.”


A panel of Lackeys will use your comments to help decide the featured Geocacher of the Month award. Each featured  Geocacher of the Month will receive an exclusive special edition featured ”Geocacher of the Month” geocoin along with a Geocacher of the Month hat and certificate acknowledging their contributions signed by the founders of Geocaching.com: Jeremy Irish, Bryan Roth and Elias Alvord.

If you know an outstanding geocacher who should be the Geocachers of the Month, send an email to geocacherofthemonth@groundspeak.com.

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Every nomination must meet the following requirements. Please include your name, the name of your nominee, their username, at least one picture of the nominee and description (in 500 or fewer words) explaining why he or she deserves to be the Geocacher of the Month. Please inform your nominee that you’ve submitted them for the award. Nominations for the October Geocacher of the Month must be received by October 3rd.

Once we have received all of the nominations, we will choose the top candidates and post them on the blog. You will then get a chance to champion your favorite. Our goal is to involve the entire geocaching community in this process so we might learn from each other.

  • PWCinPC

    Pilgrimsprogress is an excellent choice for geocachers of the month.  I have attended several events they have been affiliated with and their contributions have brought delight to everyone in attendance.  I can’t wait to see them again in November at Going Coastal … arrgh!, GC2V68Q

  • Oddangles

    Vote for Pilgrimsprogress.
    Excellent team to feature as “Geocacher of the Month”.
    They are wonderful additions to the Geocaching Community that go above and beyond the game to make it fun for all.

  • Just found this link and I have so many names from my home town that constantly go out of their way to make geocaching special so I will be nominating lots. Great idea

  • Fatkidsotwunite

    Pilgrimsprogress are a pair of awesome cachers who truly embody all aspects of Geocaching. Excellent hosts, active participants, amazingly creative and just plain fun to be around. Much luck to a wonderful couple!

  • Darkhorse2233

    My thanks to those who were nominated for inspiring the rest of us, and to those who we may never hear of but are out there hosting events, helping newbies, etc, etc. There are some fine people in the caching community.

  • Judeduc

    Big Congratulations to all the nominees. It’s so hard to choose between such terrific candidates!

  • Chip Thomas

    The website that Pilgrimsprogress is linked to is the wrong website.  Pilgrimsprogress IS NOT associated with Cachers Of The South.  Cachers of the South was born because of Pilgrimsprogress telling cachers in the Augusta area to go and play in another “Sand Box”.  Currently CSRA Geocachers has no website.

  • Dakotagraph

    What you don’t see here about AussieCacher is that he just created the GEOCACHING trail in South Dakota. It’s 30 miles long by 4 miles high and spells out the word GEOCACHING!

  • St_lee_777

    AussieCacher along with ClubMud1 just published some geo-art called the GC Trail.  See what it spells at GC1GPZ0

  • SuperGoober is a VERY well deserving nomination for the Geocacher Of The Month. He is a truely deserving for numerous reasons. He is always willing to help out ANY cacher that e-mails him with questions about geocaching. He has held several 101,201, and 301 classes, many of them unoffical events so you can’t see that on his stats.
    Jeff has placed and maintains WELL over 150 caches and he maintenence is top notch. Jeff currently has been asked about having his “Talk To Me” cache nominated for a “Geocache Of The Week” on this blog. It is the first cache that uses speech recoginition!!
    Another fact about Jeff is that he has taken a picture of himself at every cache he has done, and currently has 4,017 pictures of himself at every cache.
    I think the biggest reason I can say that Jeff deserves this award is that he was part of the reason a geocacher is alive and well today. On the Geocaching 10 year event, Jeff took a group of geocachers to his 5×5 geocache called “The Siege” (GC1K41Q). This is a VERY serious cache. There was a cacher that went on the trip that was needing some assistance on the way back as he was having trouble breathing and just wasn’t doing good. Jeff walked the cache in the group back and made sure that he was ok. The lack of being able to breath well had the other cacher concerned so he made an appt at his Dr’s. Come to find out the cacher had major blockage in his heart and required open heart surgery. If it wasn’t for Jeff and taking this cacher out to his cache, this might not have got detected and could have very well resulted in a heart attack!!!
    Jeff is a tremendous aset to our caching community and it would be very fitting for him to win this award!!
    Tim Stewart (The Weasel)

  • Pamela3147

     Pilgrimsprogress  were some of the first cachers I met when I started caching 2 years ago. The events that host are awesome, and are guaranteed to be a lot of fun. Their caches are very creative and fun.

  • Tina Stewart

    SuperGoober is a HUGE asset to the geocaching community!

    He constantly gives back and cares more about quality rather than quantity. He is always willing to lend and hand and never says no to anybody.

    He has helped develop a very popular powertrail here locally and currently has the 6th ranked cache in the state!

    Congrats SuperGoober I hope you win, you deserve this!!

  • Skeedy

    Supergoober has my vote! His 101 event was my geocaching event. He answers any questions you have about caching, oh and you can’t forget the magic tricks! 

  • SCGeoNinja

    When I first started caching, I decided to go to a nearby kayaking event for fun, with a group, none of whom I had ever met. From my very first day there I felt like more than a friend but a part of the family. That is due in huge part to pilgrimsprogress. They made me feel more welcome than I ever could have asked for. Since then, I haven’t missed a single meeting of that group. I have the utmost pleasure to call them my friends, and there isn’t much I enjoy more than caching with them! Wether it’s talking them into rappelling down cliffs, or climbing up ant covered trees, they’re always up for some fun in caching! And it’s not just me, they’re just as welcoming to others as well. Great cachers, and great friends. I’m sure all the nominees would all be great choices, but the Pilgrims are very highly deserving!

  • Frey5

    Pilgrimsprogress love caching! They have 6000 finds, 163+ FtF and some many that they own, it would be a challenge in itself to find all of theirs. They love puzzle caches and challenges as well as traditionals and power runs. If you can think of a challenge, they will make it happen! We are in awe of all that they do for geocaching and their love of the sport. They have gotten us to think outside the box when it comes to hiding our own caches and we often try to use their experiences to make our caches better. They are the cachers that you would want to contact if you are coming to the Augusta area. They bend over backwards for friends and strangers to make geocaching the best for everyone. If you ever get to meet them at any of the geocaching events, they will instantly be friends for a lifetime. We love you, Miss Tina and Mr. David.

  • Fhelsell

    SuperGoober has done a great deal for geocaching in the midwest.  In addition to the many courses he has taught, he encourages geocachers in his daily activities.  His posts are positive and supportive.  He is always willing to help a fellow geocacher.  His hides are creative and entertaining.  He strives for a higher caliber of geocaching – family friendly, educational, with respect for nature.

  • msand

    SuperGoober is a leader in my book. Great person to cache with and we have enjoyed the many events that he puts on. Ditto on what others have said love his magic tricks too!

  • BigDrig

    I think AussieCacher should be the September geocacher of the month.  Not only has he accomplished alot for the Geocaching community, but having had the privilege to meet him in person, I can testify that he is a welcoming, friendly cacher as well.  He is always willing to help out his fellow person.  He respects the ground he walks on.  Everything that a cacher should be, he is.

  • Jim Phelps

    I would like to vote for SuperGoober. Jeff places quality caches that are fun to find. You may have to tune in your radio to get the coords, or actually talk to the cache to get it to open. He does an excellent job teaching the 101 classes, and even entertains us with magic tricks between topics, to keep them fun. Jeff is always willing to help out other cachers, and wants to make sure that every geocache hunt he is involved with is enjoyable and safe for all involved.

    I have been a Goober fan for a long time, and he was FTF on the first cache that we placed.

    I would love to see Jeff win the cacher of the month.

    Good Luck Jeff!!

  • 5-4-Fun

    Well, I have to put our vote in for South Dakota’s own Aussie Cacher. We’ve had a blast finding his caches, many of his hides are on our listing of favorites, other left us scratching our heads and ripping out hair…ok, maybe not quite that bad. LOL. His most recent accomplishment (combined with the efforts of Clubmud1) was the fabulous trail west of Lennox, SD. That just may put SD on the “geocaching” map. We attended the event to unveil the trail and his CITO as well and have enjoyed his earthcaches too. Good luck Aussie!!!

  • tbruihler

    SuperGoober is one of those guys who every new cacher looks up to before they meet him in person. He goes the extra mile in every aspect of geocaching as others have already mentioned.

    In my mind, he sets himself apart from other cachers in 2 ways:
    1) He is always willing to go out of his way to ensure everyone else is having a good time.
    2) His logs are all unique, creative, and supportive. It may seem small but at a time when logs seem to be getting more bland this really sticks out to me.

    I have only met Jeff twice, but he has left enough impression on me that I know he is deserving of GEOCACHER OF THE MONTH!

  • Mhelsell

    SuperGoober is a model cacher.  Knows the rules & plays by them.  He has given numerous 101, 201, and 301 classes to help cachers of all levels.  Always cheerful & pleasant to be around.  He uses his magic tricks & fabulous “caching tales” to keep the classes interesting.  A bit of the nutty professor–rounds out the personality profile.  Jeff’s entire family has been involved in geocaching.  He is an active member of our Iowa Geocachers Organization. 

  • MrWalli

    AussieCacher is well deserving of this award.  He is a great guy with tremendous dedication to geochaching!  He has done a great deal to keep things interesting and fun in the midwest!  Thanks AussieCacher!

  • busterbabes

    SuperGoober…I will never forget the time we first met you at   “Cleveland Cache”  Spiva and I were like head over heels to meet such a great entity. :p 
    Little did I know the great working relationship we would have.  IGO BOD….  Sharing info to create a better Geocaching community…
    You do so much, and you deserve this!!

  • SEAM

    SuperGoober is a one-of-a-kind caching guy with a heart of gold. As one fortunate enough to participate in one of his adventure expeditions to the Siege I have experienced first-hand the genuine nature that sets him apart as one that wants others to enjoy their caching experiences.

    Another trait of SuperGoober is that he is known for taking photos at each of the caches he visits. That is phenomenal! Keep up the great traditions!

  • MAtt

    Haven’t found any of Aussiecacher’s caches but according to a lot of people they are stunning. Am going to find one tomorrow

  • Schirminators

    Our vote goes to Supergoober!!!  His 101 classes are fun and informative, he’s clever and creative with his caches and he’s a darn good photographer!  :o) 

  • Lowdollar

    Pilgrims Progress has been very instrumental in my caching career and I know many more. They are always willing to help other cachers, and assist with events. I have seen them take time out of there day, when they were not caching to answer a call for help and bring one of their kayaks to a nearby lake just so a cacher who did not own a boat could go after and experience a boat only cache. Along with other milestones mentioned by others here they completed the Georgia State Parks Geo-Challenge series before anyone else which earned them statewide recognition. That was a heck of a FTF as it was being chased by many other cachers. Additionally their hides are always very fun, tough and creative. They definitely get my vote for Cacher of the Month.  

  • David L.

    There are cachers and then there is SuperGoober. As a new cacher at the time, I knew practically nothing about geocaching until I went to one of SuperGoober’s 101 classes. I learned SO much from his event and have been caching ever since. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for SuperGoober and his classes I would never would have started caching. I remember talking to SuperGoober at an event and telling him this. His reaction was “That is so cool. The GREATEST thing that I can get from one of my classes is this.”
    SuperGoober has placed SEVERAL tutorials on our IGO forums with his power point presentations so we can go back and look at them.
    To me this award is more than who has placed the most caches or who has found the most caches. To me, this award should be given to the person who gives back the most through events and giving of there time to teach classes and help other caches, which is what SuperGoober is all about.

  • a2n

    SuperGoober definitely has my vote!  He is dedicated to educating others about geocaching, is a leader in our IGO, gives time and effort tirelessly to promote geocaching, hosts awesome events and is a huge asset to the sport.  He is a true leader and certainly deserving of this honor.

  • iowaPete

    I’ve been lucky enough to meet and grab a couple caches with SuperGoober.  He’s an excellent teacher about all things geocaching.  He supports a number of events and has become the guy I look for in every event group photo.

    As a cache owner, he has developed several caches that I’ve never seen from anybody else.  And, not just a tweak or variation on a cache, but a completely “out of the box” type cache.  When I see a geocache listed that he has placed, I know I’ll be enjoying an amazing find.

    All kudos to SuperGoober.  This is someone for whom the recognition would be well earned and most deserved!

  • Grizzlyman1971

    go SuperGoober 

  • Larry Darling

    Supergoober (Jeff) has changed the face of geocaching in Iowa for me. His many caches shape and establishe trends. He hides difficult, easy, creative, and P&G caches. He has created a world class trail nort of Cedar Rapids. Win or lose this vote, you will always be a winner Jeff!

  • Moore1040

    pilgrimsprogress has my vote. They have introduced me and my son to geocaching. The love and wisdom these two have for the game is incredible. Listening to them talk about this sport makes you want to go out and find the unfindables. I wished we lived closer to one another so we could be in all of there adventures together. Mr. P is my big brother and I am very proud of him and Ms. P for mentoring all that is interested. The caches they hide are so unique and very well thought out. I just wished I had half the imagination they have. I am truly blessed to know these two and more than that I am blessed to be a part of there family. Good luck PP!!!

  • Keekle

    Add my vote to SuperGoober.  He is genuine leader in all of the categories mentioned for nomination: 

    *Innovation:  SuperGoober is continuously bringing new ideas to our area and state (via the Iowa Geocachers’ Organization) through innovated new caches and technology.  He has a video on YouTube detailing his “Talk to Me” cache that uses voice recognition technology to open the cache.  Whenever a geocacher has a question, whether it involves a problem with hardware, software or some other new aspect of geocaching, SG is right there with patient explanations and detailed tutorials and walk-throughs. 

    *Creative hides and/or logs:  Along with using innovative cache containers, he has many creative hides and wonderful puzzle caches.  His puzzles cover diverse topics that are accessible and educational for the lay person, yet still enjoyable for those with a wider base of knowledge or experience.  When he logs a cache, he goes well beyond “TFTC” and gives rich, detailed logs that are often entertaining to read.   

    *Respect for the environment: SG works closely with land owners at the city, county and state levels to highlight various parks.  I’ve visited many parks that I never knew existed, and might not have paid attention to had it not been for SG’s informational caches.  His caches have been the inspiration for other caches to be active stewards of the environment and geocaching.
    *Helpfulness:  SuperGoober was one of the first people I met when I first started geocaching.  He went out of his way to introduce himself and suggest resources.  He has a wonderful sense of humor and a genuine, caring personality.  He actively seeks out opportunities to present Geocaching 101 classes to libraries, schools, parks and community organizations.  He patiently offers guidance and words of encouragement for learning new skills, technology and techniques related to geocaching.  He has several caches that involve long hikes or require special equitment and skills and many, many times I’ve seen him welcome new or out-of-the-area cachers and offer his guidance, equipment and expertise although he’s done the hike numerous times previously.   He seems to get more enjoyment out of helping others with geocaching than he does from caching just for himself. 

    In short, SuperGoober exemplifies all the qualities that would make a person a good candidate for GotM.  Best of luck to him and all of the candidates! 

  • busterbabes

    Add my vote for SuperGoober!

  • Mooreorless

    My vote goes to pilgrimsprogress. These two live and breath geocaching. I have never seen anyone so passionate about anything like these two are about caching. They are very creative about there hides and always play by the rules. They have mentored me and my son (mooreorless) and we look forward to there visits so we can find some hides. Way to go Pilgrimsprogress.

  • TrapperDan

    Spreading the word, a willingness to help others, instructor, mentor, some very clever caches and lets not forgot the legendary photos. He’s got my vote!

  • biker64

    To meet PilgrimsProgress is to meet all things great about Geocaching!  These 2 have always got a smile and a word of encouragement for anyone they meet.  give them a goal, whether it’s finding a cache, completing a challenge, or hosting a event and they will perform above and beyond all expectations.  It is a privilage to know them and I wouldn’t if it was not for geocaching!! 

  • I have to agree … PilgrimsProgress gets my vote!  Great Cachers and Great Friends.  They are always there to lend a hand at an event or to a newbie who is just looking for some guidance.  

  • Pilgrimsprogress will give you the batteries out of their GPSr if you ned it. They set a great example for all who they meet. Congrats on the nomination. You guys deserve the recognition. 

  • Futurechief

    My vote is definitely for Pilgrimsprogress. They have the highest integrity, imagination, adventurous spirit for hiding, finding, hosting and sharing all things geocache! They  have gotten me to hike 5 miles with a pack to primitive camp in December, ride a bike, hike on and off trails, and have made me fall in love with kayaking as well to find caches.These two set the caching bar high! 

  • Team RonTon

    Supergoober has my vote.  We have been in one of his 101 classes and learned quite a bit.  We enjoy his technology based geocaches and his puzzle caches.

  • SuperGoobette

    Submitting my vote for SuperGoober.  I can certainly attest to the amount of time and thought that go into each cache he creates, his goal is to not only put out a quality cache but to ensure the cacher will have a fun experience finding it.  He makes sure all of his caches are well maintained responding to posts quickly and routinely checking up on others.  He puts just as much thought into the logs he posts for caches he has found  he wants others to know the fun he has had finding their caches and that he appreciates the efforts put into making and placing them.  He is a model spokesperson for the sport willing to explain anything to anyone at anytime.  He is also a great go-to cacher fielding questions via phone and email at all hours.
    SuperGoober encompasses everything an ideal GeoCacher is.
    Go Jeff!

  • jjmoff

    I’ve met Supergoober at several get-togethers, he always has time to share information.  In his forum posts on IGO always has a knack for presenting information in an easy to understand way, breaking it down to the basics.  In the field he has many interesting and well maintained caches, and is always ready to assist a group cache any way he can.  I personally can’t believe how much time and dedication this guy puts into the activity we all love.

  • AB-n-AP

    Voting for SuperGoober.  🙂  He lives, eats, sleeps and breathes Geocaching 24/7!  Their is so much more I could write (and I have in past speeches and notes).  SuperGoober is one of a kind!  🙂 

  • CCWashburn

    My vote is for SuperGoober. He is all about promoting proper Geocaching to others by teaching 101’s, 201’s, and 301’s and making sure that his pupils understand by hiding temporary caches for them to “practice with” before being turned loose to find all of the real caches.

  • Windchill

    Another vote for SuperGoober.  As others have said, Jeff is an awesome representative of geocaching and the Iowa Geocachers Org.  His frequent geocaching classes and his willingness to help anyone with anything leave a great impression on folks, especially those who are just getting into geocaching.  Go SG!

  • Summitt Dweller

    Add one more vote for SuperGoober…a nice guy and truly an asset to the IGO and geocaching in general.  Congrats on the nomination SG!

  • SuperGoober

    – SuperGoober