Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – September 21, 2011

Give the Gift of Geocaching!

How many times have you given a gift that can help the recipient become smarter, healthier and more creative, all while introducing them to a community so strong that they gain friends all over the world? That is what it means to introduce someone to geocaching. It also means that you are opening the door for them to have incredible experiences with friends and family, visit amazing locations that they may not have otherwise seen, and feel the thrill of finding a geocache.

The best way to introduce someone to geocaching is to take them out with you. If that’s not possible, we suggest sending our Tell a Friend email and directing them to our “What is Geocaching?” video, which provides a basic overview of geocaching in less than 2 minutes.

You can also give the timesaving gift of Premium Membership. A Groundspeak Gift Membership provides the recipient with 12 months of prepaid access to premium features on all Groundspeak sites. The gift can be used to upgrade a new or existing Basic Membership or to extend an existing Premium Membership by a year.

  • Anonymous

    I gave this mere weeks ago, my friend had just started, making it the perfect gift for her. GREAT gift for those already involved yet don’t have a membership.

  • Anonymous

    On several occasions I’ve taken friends out geocaching.  Some turned into Geocachers, some appreciated what it was, but didn’t cache again.  All seemed to have fun regardless.  The best times were when we took families with kids.  My kids would show their kids what to do.  (although they weren’t that great at sharing their GPSr 😉 )