Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – September 28, 2011

Seasonal Geocache Maintenance

As the northern hemisphere passes into fall and spring comes to the southern hemisphere, it is time for geocache owners to think about cache maintenance. Seasonal changes can affect both geocache locations and geocache containers. Perhaps the hint to find your cache was “near the log in the middle of the field,” but the log that was very obvious in the winter has since been obscured by tall grass and wild flowers. You will need to visit the cache location to see the new setting and update your hint. Maybe the elements have been hard on your cache container and it needs to be replaced.

There are many other factors that can affect the quality of your cache – everything from animals to full logbooks – so please make sure to visit the cache location every so often and keep an eye out for any “needs maintenance” logs on your cache page. Our goal as a community should be to make sure that any issues with a cache are fixed quickly; geocachers should seldom, if ever, find a cache that needs maintenance. If there is an issue with your cache that cannot be immediately fixed, please temporarily disable the cache listing, so that people do not search for it, and fix the issue as soon as possible.

Read more about proper geocache maintenance.

  • almost all of mine our in personal water coolers. they don’t sweat due to the extreme temp changes here in Florida.  We go from 70d’s during the winter days to 30d’s at night.  AND there water proof!

  • I use personal water coolers for mine, they don’t sweat from the extreme temp changes we have here in Florida. In the winter our days go from the 70d’s to 30d’s at night, and they’re waterproof!  and it helps to put a couple of those packets of silica gel you get with a new pair of shoes or purse in there too, and once a year I take them home bake the silica packet in the over for 45 min at 200* and presto they’re like new again! 

  • S1G

    Thanks for reminding. Needs to set Bat-protection-time in one of my abandoned structure caches.