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Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – September 7, 2011

Geocaching.com Video Series

Over the last year and a half, Geocaching.com has created more than 40 videos designed to help new geocachers learn about the activity, share the stories of Geocaching.com milestones and showcase the best of geocaching. Those new to geocaching should check out the “Getting Started with Geocaching” tab on the videos page, which includes videos such as “Finding Your First Geocache” and “Basics of hiding a Geocache.” For those trying to understand how to use some of the more advanced Geocaching.com features, the page also includes instructional screencasts.
The majority of our videos focus on the geocaching community. We have interviewed, gone geocaching with and even showered with geocachers from around the world to bring you the stories of some of the most interesting caches, events, people and trends in the geocaching community. These videos will inspire you to be a better geocacher and make it easy to share with friends what geocaching means to you.