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Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – October 5, 2011

Trackable Glossary

Geocaching Trackables add another level of fun to the game, but they also add a few terms that you may be unfamiliar with. Here is a guide to the key Trackable terms so that you know what to do the next time you come across a Trackable in a cache.

Retrieve or Grab — When you have picked up a Trackable to move it to another geocache, you must log its movement on Geocaching.com. The two logging options that you have in this situation are “Retrieve it from [cache name]” and “Grab it.” If you took the Trackable from the cache in which it is listed, choose to retrieve it. If you took the item from elsewhere, choose to grab it.

Discovered — This is a logging option for Trackables that indicates you have seen the Trackable, but have not moved it. At geocaching events, geocachers often “discover” the Trackables in others’ collections.

Missing — If a Trackable has been missing for some time, the Trackable owner or the owner of the cache in which the Trackable is listed can mark the item “missing.” This will remove it from the cache inventory and place the Trackable in an “unknown location” so that others will know it is no longer in the cache. More info.

Collectible — Trackable owners can choose to set their Trackables as “Collectible” or “Not Collectible.” “Collectible” may mean that the owner has decided to keep it in their personal collection or, if you find it in a cache, that they are okay with you keeping the item and placing it in your own collection. “Not collectible” indicates that the item should continue to travel. The Trackable’s page will state the owner’s preference. If the page indicates that the owner has not set their collectible preference, you should assume that the item is not collectible. Learn more about Collectibles, including how Trackable owners benefit from setting their preference.