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Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – November 16, 2011

Geocaching.com API

Three little letters: an A, a P and an I are helping to expand your geocaching adventure. An API (application programming interface) is kind of like the genetic code that runs Geocaching.com. Select partners are using our new public API to bring Geocaching.com to you on new platforms and allow you to use Geocaching.com in creative ways.

Do you want to geocache using your BlackBerry? Check out: CacheSense. Interested in validating solutions for geocaching puzzles? Certitude is for you. The desktop application GSAK even offers an all-in-one geocaching management tool.

Check out http://www.geocaching.com/live/ for the latest on the growing list of Geocaching.com API partners.

We currently have over 100 independent developers testing applications and services using the API. These services and more will be made available to you in the coming year.

New Geocaching.com Feature

There were a lot of exciting updates in last week’s Geocaching.com release, but perhaps none was more anticipated than the change to Mystery and Multi-Cache pages. Puzzle lovers will be pleased to see that they can now change the initial coordinates on a Mystery or Multi-Cache page to the coordinates for the next stage or final location of the cache.

To use this feature, click on the pencil icon next to the coordinates, paste the new coordinates into the field and click ‘submit.’ Don’t worry about spoiling the cache for others. The new coordinates will only be visible to you.

When you download the GPX file from the cache page, your new coordinates will be included. Pocket Queries will add this functionality in an upcoming release. For more information, click here.