November Featured Geocacher of the Month Nominees – Add Your Comments

October Featured Geocacher of the Month, coast2coast2coast

Every month the geocaching community nominates people to be the  Geocacher of the Month – a geocacher who positively contributes to the community and stands out for his or her outstanding involvement in the activity. Groundspeak Lackeys choose three of the nominees and tell their stories here on Latitude 47. The community selects which of the three should be designated “Geocacher of the Month.”

Last month, geocachers awarded the honor to coast2coast2coast. More than 50 geocachers wrote in support of the winner. Coast2coast2coast has hosted multiple events, helped direct the Mid Island Geocaching organization, and is known for his dedication to the geocaching community. Congratulations to all those who were nominated in October.

Now it’s your turn to help select the featured November “Geocacher of the Month.” The nomination period is closed and we have whittled it down to the three geocachers featured below.

Featured Geocacher of the Month Geocoin

Write a comment on this blog post about which of these three geocachers you feel should be November’s “Geocacher of the Month.” Those whose nominees were not recognized here are encouraged to submit their nominations again next month.

Some testimonials have been edited for length.




 ( Member since 2007 )

Nomination by Bocco:

_JohnnyCache has volunteered countless hours of his time as the president of the Maryland Geocaching Society for the past two years. In that position Tom has worked tirelessly to promote geocaching in our state. He also provides links for helpful information, and detailed instructions on how to use various GPSr’s, software, etc., in our organization forums. He has created a Maryland Geocaching Society fanpage on facebook, and a smartphone app for our forums. _JohnnyCache is not only an enthusiastic geocacher in his own right, who has hidden some of the most devious cache hides in the state, he gives back to our community of cachers. His efforts as president of our society have enhanced geocaching in Maryland enormously.”



( Member since 2008 )

Nomination by 2oddHOGs:

“Rod spends a lot of time helping new cachers learn everything from the basics of geocaching to more intricate hides. When I first met Rod, he was giving a talk at a small town library. Rod is enthusiastic and thinks nothing of going over to a person’s home to help them with a computer problem or to take them out to find their first cache.  Rod was instrumental in setting up the first ever geocaching training ground, on a city owned recreational island, that will stay a training ground even now that the training event happened (close to 100 people attended).  Rod spent a lot of time working to make a contact with the city, showing them what he planned for the  island and getting the city’s support to hold the event and keep the island as the training ground. Rod is a terrific role model for those of us that are new the the game. ”


( Member since 2009 )

Nomination by Mickelic:

“Nicole is a geography teacher who uses geocaching to teach her students about latitude and longitude. She just wrote a grant for new GPS devices for her students and was awarded $500. Those who awarded the grant thought that her grant was the most unique and they featured Nichole in their monthly newsletter. I believe that she should be up for a nomination because, due to her excitement for geocaching, all of her students love going on field trips geocaching in our area. There is so much more about NicGeo which makes her the cacher of the month.”


Comment below to tell us who you think should be the featured November “Geocacher of the Month.” A panel of Lackeys will use your comments to help decide which geocacher is awarded the honor. Each featured “Geocacher of the Month” will receive an exclusive special edition featured ”Geocacher of the Month” Geocoin along with a Geocacher of the Month hat and a certificate acknowledging their contributions signed by 2 of the founders of Geocaching.com. We will be accepting comments for November’s award through Monday the 24th.

If you know an outstanding geocacher who should be the Geocacher of the Month, send an email to geocacherofthemonth@groundspeak.com.

Every nomination must meet the following requirements:

Geocacher of the Month Geocoin

Please include your name, the name of your nominee, their username, at least one picture of the nominee and a description (500 or fewer words) explaining why he or she deserves to be the Geocacher of the Month. Please inform your nominee that you’ve submitted them for the award. Nominations for the December Geocacher of the Month must be received by December 3rd.

Once we have received all of the nominations, we will choose the top candidates and post them on the blog. You will then get a chance to champion your favorite. Our goal is to involve the entire geocaching community in this process so we might learn from each other.

  • cdgn

    xdt, uix7

  • Spencerer


  • Spencer

    i vote

  • cacheSking

    _JohnnyCache should be geocacher of the month. He’s done so much for the state of Maryland’s geocaching community. The Maryland Geocaching Society is one of the best organized groups of cachers around. That’s not just coming from me, it’s coming from several friends in neighboring states who know about MGS. _JohnnyCache has helped keep the organization running strong and has hidden some fantastic caches as well. The guy gives so much of his time, I hope the geocaching community will vote to give something back to him to thank him.

  • 2oddHOGs

    Thank you for choosing rokman4 as one of your finalists.  We nominated him because of his passion for the game and for the way he gives up what little free time he has from a fulltime job, to help new and seasoned cachers.  I was priviledged to be a part of history with Rod as we created the first ever geocaching park as a training ground for new cachers.  Rod lives, breathes and sleeps geocaching and his enthusiasm for the game has created a huge community of geocachers in our area.  Thank you Rod!

  • 2oddHOGs

    We have been privilaged to know rokman4 for the past few months.  In that time he has helped us with our gps, computer programs, finding and hiding caches and we have worked with him to create the first and only geocaching training ground for new cachers.  This training ground has 16 caches of all levels with a night cache and earth cache to come. This started out as an idea and has since evolved into an event for 100 people on a cold and sunny day full of fin and prizes and a kick off from out mayor!  Rod dedicates most of his spare time to helping cachers in our area either by going to their homes or inviting them to his.  His passion for the game is  unlimited and he is aways there when he is needed.  Thank you, Rod, for everything you have taught us and we look forward to many years of learning from you!

  • nenners

    My vote goes to Rokman.  He has been a great help to the new cachers in our area, willing to help with gps questions, is lots of fun & a great sense of humour, and best of off, was very willing to go with me back into the bush to find my missing house keys (he got the log the caches I had found earlier lol). 

  • Sydney

    I vote for my teacher Nicgeo

  • tomlison

    hello my name is thomas i vote for a crazy teacher nicgeo

  • Lisa Marie

    hello i vote for my awesome crazy teacher nicgeo:)

  • outlet

    im voting for for my llama tamer(teacher) nicgeo is a beast that eat canolope

  • Narwal

    I vote for my mad teacher nicgeo

  • kateland

    i vote for my awesome teacher nicgeo!

  • kam- the – bam-bam!!!!!

    i am voting for crazy Nicgeo she is the bom!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Symp

    i vote for my cool teacher nicgeo

  • E (of authorized users)

    Wow, this month is a hard choice!  My vote, from what I read in the nomination bios above, will have to go to _JohnnyCache.

    Congrats to everyone who was nominated and I can’t wait to see who is nominated next month! 🙂

  • bubbles

    i am voting for my rad teacher nicgeo!!!

  • Liam Awesome5

    I vote for my awesomely rad teacher nicgeo!!!

  • Blakerocks

    i am voting for my epic teacher nicgeo!

  • kimberlyrox

    i am voting for my awesome teacher nicgeo

  • Pigkja

    She is the best teacher in the world and so my vote goes to nicgeo

    By: pigkja

  • Ufboy6

    she is awesome I am so glad she is my teacher and who introduced me to geocashing

    so i vote for nicgeo 

  • Eric

    My world history teacher is just too awesome. My vote goes to nicgeo 🙂


    she is the awesomest and most deserving and i no that awesomest is not a word but she is so cool and deserves a new word to be made for her.  good job nicgeo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Alex is better than u

    I VOTE FOR nicgeo because she is a great teacher and geocacher she loves to tell us about her finds and take us geocaching

  • brody better than brandon

    i am voting for my awesome posome teacher that is very cool nicgeo

  • The Ginga Ninja

    Hey y’all.  The ginga ninja is voting for nicgeo as geocacher of the month!!!!

  • Mathisfunandgood

    I am voting for nicgeo! There could be no more enthusiastic geocacher than this amazing teacher! As a parent of one of her students, I am humbled to have my son learn from her each day!

  • Gatorgirl

    Nicgeo should be the “Geocacher of the month’. Not only does she love to geocache herself, she loves to teach others how to geocache. Each year, she takes her students geocaching. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and her students learn to love it also. I took the same students on a field trip to a neighboring state and they had already looked up the geocaches in the area and wanted to know if we could find time to geocache.

  • Rokman is very deserving of this nomination.   His commitment and support to geocaching is appreciated by all.

  • CMH

    Nicgeo all the way!!!!!

  • Verbrun

    I vote for Rod (Rokman4).  Rod has headed a
    group of six very new cachers who have set up a  geo-training playground
    (in MacArthur Island Park) for new geocachers, with a variety (about 18) of
    cache types and difficulty levels. The caches are safe, family-friendly, and
    some are wheelchair accessible. All caches promote the highest standards of
    geocaching etiquette by encouraging cachers to practice low impact caching,
    respect other park users, and trade responsibly. 

  • BJ&Snurt101

    _JohnnyCache gets my vote, not based on the three glowing synopses above, but from having watched _JC morph from a fledgling rookie cacher to leading one of the best organized caching groups in the country – The Maryland Geocaching Society (MGS).  _JC is tireless in promoting Geocaching and the Society with energy, fresh ideas and motivation that is infectious.  As well he is brilliant in all things tech, from IT to GPSr, the apps that drive our fun, and jumps with the opportunity to share it all with both the tech savvy and the uninitiated.  Always sporting a friendly grin,_JC is the First Man of Geocaching in The Free State!

  • Rod (Rokman4) has been instrumental in the development of caching and new cachers in particular in our area. His idea of turning MacArthur Island into the first geocaching park is representative of this. His nomination is well deserved!

  • Amber

    Nicgeo: she teaches 6th 7th and 8th graders how to geocache and most of her friends! I vote NicGeo! Good Luck!

  • Kwtracey

    I vote for _JohnnyCache. He has helped to make geocaching in Maryland the best! Thanks for all you do, JC – you are OUR Geocacher of the Month!

  • Team Field

    Rod is the best guy cause he
    is a friend and great helper to new people who are leaning about
    geocaching, and also understand people that are diffent and does not
    judge them. we all love him from team_field.

  • Scharm

    nicgeo because she is teaching students about the important uses of gps and the use of geocaching

  • Hnesgramling

    I vote for the awesome nicgeo!

  • Cami62

    I vote for Nicgeo!  She is awesome!!!!

  • Leecaufield

     rod is the best guy cause he is a friend and great helper to new people who are leaning about geocaching, and also understand people that are diffent and does not judge them. we all love him from team_field.

  • GeauxTigers

    I vote nicGeo, She has helped many students(6th7th&8th) learn the art of geocaching.

  • KarinBS

    I vote for nicgeo … if I had had such a teacher, I would have probably been more interested in my lessons at university.

  • desert-geckos

    Rokman4 is an inspiration and now with the new learn to geocach park that was his idea just goes to show his oustanding involvement in geocaching and the willingness to help new comers, extrordinary.

  • dospinacoladas

    Rokman4 has been a prominent geocacher in our city for a number of years.  I have always admired his ingenuity for creating unique and challenging hides, but I believe his finest effort was the creation of a geocaching training ground and its kick-off event held in October.  It was the best attended geocaching event ever held in Kamloops, and had the support of the City and a lot of attention from the media!  It’s all a testament to his hard work, infectious spirit and commitment to the sport of geocaching.  In the process, he has created a whole herd of new geo-addicts!  Kudos to Rod and he has my vote for Geocacher of the Month.

  • Rokman4

    I need to recognize _JohnnyCache for without cachers such as him, the spirit of caching would be lost . . .

  • Rokman4

    I also want to congratulate nicgeo for being here as well . . . I have followed the postings and you too are making a huge difference . . . I especially liked one of the comments about getting them off the couch and out and about . . . your students and geocaching community is fortunate to have you leading the way . . . 

  • Keith of kpnieder

    My vote…. Rokman4…………sorry JohnnyCache (like the name!) and nicgeo

    I’ve know Rod since he started getting into geocaching about 3 years ago. During this time he has created some pretty cool cipher caches in the area and started up a geocaching store to give us local B.C. Interior cachers easier access to supplies. He lends a hand to anyone in need, whether it’s a novice geocacher trying to understand how to use his GPS, or an intermediate cacher needing maps (as in my case).

    We went down to Washington state one time and once there, to my horror, I noticed I had fogotten to reinstall my USA street maps. It was very hard getting around the Seattle area geocaching the first day !!! That night, I emailed rod, and before I knew it, we had what we needed to make the rest of our visit a pleasant experience!! Without his help, there is no way we would have been able to finish the “Peace” Series Caches.

    There was another time we did a nightcache together. I met Rod at the starting location and once we completed the cache and were about to leave, I noticed I had lost my keys. It was 10:30 – 11:00 PM. He went with me and we retraced our steps for a while but our flashlights were dimming and we had to give up. We went back to the trucks and he ended up driving me across town to my house to pick up a second set of keys. He then drove me all the way back to where my truck was so it wouldn’t be left there over night. (pretty cool!!) (and it’s starting to sound like I’m the novice…hehehe)

    Lastly, Rod recently spent much time and effort in organizing and working on the creation of our very own geocache learning park in Kamloops, B.C. When event day came, he was like a big kid out there trying to make it fun for everyone!! He did this because he loves geocaching. He jumps right in when someone has a question and easily gives up his time to help a fellow cacher out. Big Kid….. that’s Rod alright, with a grin on his face havin’ fun !! 

    ROCK ON ROKMAN4 !!!!!! YOU ROK !!!!!

  • flannelprincess

    Rokman4 gets my vote!  I am very new at this geocaching game but every time I hear about the local community, Rod’s name comes up.  He is so kind and enthusiastic and so very, very patient with us newbies 😉  I’m sure he absolutely deserves this honor! I aspire to hide caches a tenth as cool as his…

  • Michael Pensinger

    I voted for Johnnycache.He has done more to promote geocaching here in Md than most I know. Not only on the technical side but the hiding and finding side which makes him an all around geocacher.