“Taiwan’s Secret Abandoned Theme Park” GC2GKP2 GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – November 14, 2011

Taiwan's Secret Abandoned Theme Park

Try to resist a geocache called, “Taiwan’s Secret Abandoned Theme Park” (GC2GKP2).

The difficulty three, terrain four Multi-Cache was hidden by wynando. It entices adventurers with this description: “Destroyed by the 1999 earthquake and left abandoned, this Dutch-themed amusement park is a must visit. Be prepared to feel like Indiana Jones as you venture deeper into the park, walking through thick vegetation and broken remains of the park to try and find the caches. You will be amazed by what you will see here and will wonder what this place used to look like before the earthquake!”

Eleven geocachers logged smileys on the geocache since it was hidden just over a year ago. Cachers are advised to wear long pants and bring mosquito spray. For those who complete the cache, the journey into a forgotten world is the reward.

Taiwan's Secret Abandoned Theme Park

One cacher logged, “This is an unbelievable and incredible cache among the caches I visited. It’s is very unique and classical for all our local geocachers to visit. When we approached the final stage, we intruded into giants’ realm. Visit yourself to experience the wonderful kingdom.”

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  • Wow It looks cool

  • Sjst1

    Ahhh, to be independently wealthy an be able to cache the globe…one can dream!

  • Melins

    Ooh! Like Spirited Away 😉

  • Wow, I remember going here a few years before it was destroyed , it was an amazing place and I still wonder how they managed to build it where it was. I will see if i can dig out some pictures what it looked like then 🙂

  • Watch this video from JingGeocacher of completing the cache- http://www.youtube.com/user/JingGeocacher#p/a/u/2/DIrgZjYITXs – you see why this cache is a terrain four.

  • Geocoin

    Wow, I’m honored that my cache was chosen! I discovered this place by chance while touring around this area by motorbike a few years ago and thought how cool of a place it would be to put a cache. It’s pretty creepy the first time you go there, especially by yourself but there are real treasures to see! Just be sure to avoid the giant spiders! Lol. If you are ever in Taiwan, treat yourself to this adventure! Wynando

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  • Ekroth56

    Looks like an incredible cache! I’ll have to put it on my “wish list”!! One day we’ll make it out there! Great article, thanks for the heads up!

  • Madison Bechtold

    I am in Taiwan for the year and was wondering where in Taiwan is this?