“Wawel” GC2CZCX GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – November 28, 2011


How about some castle caching, with a dash of dragon lore? The traditional geocache “Wawel” (GC2CZCX) can be found in Krakow, Poland. The GPS coordinates deliver geocachers to an impressive architectural complex called “Wawel” on the banks of the Vistula River.

Geocachers discover museums, a castle, and a cathedral. The history of the site is thousands of years old. According to the cache page, Neanderthals left their mark in nearby caves. The strategic location continued to play a role throughout European history. Legend even tells of a dragon that once lived in the caves under the limestone hill.

The cache owner, toczygroszek, encourages adventurers to explore the history of the site. He writes, “If I wanted to describe all buildings, museums and stories connected with Wawel, I would have to write a book. So the best idea is that you visit this place to see the unique character of Wawel yourself.”

Wawel Dragon

The difficulty two, terrain two geocache has been logged more than 200 times. It’s also accumulated more than a dozen Favorite Points.  One geocacher who logged the cache wrote, “Found [the cache] after a brilliant visit to the state apartments and cathedral (and dragons cave). Krakow and its people are a constant delight.”

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