Geocaching is (literally) a Piece of Cake (sometimes)

Susan Currence

Here’s a question you don’t often hear, “Did you find that geocache on the cake?” Well… look at the masterful geocaching cake by Susan Currence to your left. Can you find the geocache?

Could the geocache be hidden in the pretzel stick palm trees? Might it be in the frosting river? Keep reading to find out.

Susan and others uploaded pictures of geocaching themed cakes after a Geocaching.com Facebook post. The post read, “Geocaching is about community. Community is about events. And when you have an event: You. Bring. A. Themed. Cake. Share your best geocaching cake recipes and pics here…”

Almost any given week you can check out the Geocaching Event Calendar and find more than fifty events in a dozen countries around the world. Odds are you’ll find a cake at most of those events. Here’s some of the best of the best.

cooper troopers' geo-cake

UK geocacher cooper troopers spent eight hours crafting a geocaching themed cake. She writes you can feast on nearly everything you see on the cake to your left, but – “The only thing that you couldn’t eat were the film pot and the fern, everything else was edible. The cake was a chocolate sponge with chocolate butter-cream icing. Some of the items came from the local old fashioned sweet shop, sugar pebbles/stones and chocolate shavings (for dirt) and chocolate nibs (twigs).”

Geocaching cakes aren’t just for events. Some geocachers use them as prizes. Emma Harding (emma.27) writes, “My friend hid 20 something caches and made it a race to find all of the caches, my cake being the prize.  The event itself was speed caking.  Based on speed dating, cachers brought cake and swapped for more cake.  Everyone had a fab time and got good feedback.” You can see the cache page from the event here.

Geo-Cake Spoiler pic

Check out some of the cakes below for ideas for your next geocaching event. So… back to the first question in this blog post; did you find the geocache in the cake above yet?  (Here’s the spoiler picture.)

Emma.27's geo-cake


Geocaching birthday cake
Larra-Three's geo-cake
  • Angela Bolton

    I made this cake for my friend Lynn (passed away last May).  We were geocaching and she slid down a hill of mud, we laughed at first and then it was “OMG are you okay?”  I made it for her birthday that same year.  The little doll is here going down the hill.

  • kbraband

    I made this cake for the first geocaching event in Wisconsin, back in the spring of 2001.

  • authorized users

    That is freakin’ awesome!

  • mouse_0000

    That’s pretty cool. I also wouldn’t mind having a cake like that for my birthday.

  • Andrew169

    Quite a talented bunch of bakers. Geo-caching brings out the imagination in all of us.

  • geocacher

    Check out this fantastic cake made by montaukjen for the 3rd Annual Geofriends Thanksgiving Gathering on 11/20/2011.

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  • You have satellites on your cake?!?! Way to take geo-cake to a new level.

  • GAA – Geocoin Addicts Anonymous, GCTG1G (25/Mar/2006), Cake from manituela, tnx

  • This was Groundspeak’s 10th anniversary cake, made out to look like an ammo can. Some folks on Facebook thought it was a fake but it was a real cake, and tasty too!

  • RHCV

    Hehe … my wife baked her geocaching cake a few weeks ago.