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Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – January 26, 2012

Flex Your Geocaching Creativity

There’s at least one extraordinary geocache you remember. It’s the geocache that made you say a big old “WOW.” Your magical “aha” moment may have been caused by a mind-bending Puzzle Cache, a creative cache container, or the journey to a new, breath-taking location.

Whatever the cause, remember this cache when you decide to hide one of your own. Think about what made it so enjoyable and then add your own twist. Anyone interested in placing a creative geocache should find as many different types and sizes of geocaches as possible. The more geocaches you find, the more you’ll understand what makes a cache great. We suggest looking to geocaches with several Favorite Points for inspiration.

For even more inspiration, watch the video Geocaching.com Presents: Creative Geocaches. Soon, you’ll be reading “WOW” logs for your own creative geocache!