Who’s Watching You!!! GC15KNG GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – January 30, 2012

Binocular's used in finding "Who's Watching You!!!"

Binoculars and a half gallon of water. Those are the unusual tools  you might need  to successfully unravel a famous New Jersey, USA Multi-Cache.

Who’s Watching You!!! (GC15KNG) has racked up more than 40 Favorite Points. TheSurfcaster created three stage Multi-Cache in 2007.  The difficulty 2, terrain 1.5 geocache takes adventurers through the woodlands of “The Garden State.”

The cache tells geocachers what they should bring along on their journey, “You will need to use BINOCULARS for the first stage if the lighting conditions are not right” and “If you are doing this cache in the middle of winter when everything is frozen solid you need to bring a half gallon of water.” 

"Who's Watching You!!!"

Adventurers travel only a short distance to find this cache, but each stage of the geocache leaves a lasting impression. One cacher who earned a smiley on “Who’s Watching You!!!” writes, “Stage 1 – amazed at it’s location. Stage 2 – like the craftsmanship. Stage 3 – was like a science project.”

Another geocacher saved the geocache to celebrate a milestone. They write, “WOW! Wanted to make this cache my 2000th find because of its popularity with favorite points and am glad I did. A lot of work was put into this multi, and I appreciate the creativity and ingenuity used to create these caches.”

Near the cache location of "Who's Watching You!!!"

Sorry – there are no spoilers about the specifics of this geocache in this blog post. What unique tools have you used to help complete a geocache?

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