5 Geocaches in 30 Seconds – Geocaching.com Presents

Check out five creative geocaches in just 30 seconds. Click on the video below. See what your next geocache find might look like. Learn new ideas when hiding your next geocache. Share the video when your friends ask, “What am I looking for when I geocache?”

[vsw id=”OW9bi5_b-Wc” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Creative cache container

Most of the cache containers in the video are available through Shop Geocaching. Which number geocache did you like best?

The geocaches in the video were placed either for demonstrative purposes or used with cache owner permission. Interested in seeing more creative geocaches? Check out this Geocaching.com Presents video.

  • Anonymous

    The last one would be a challenge here in Seattle!

  •  Ohhh… even more intriguing then. (It’s in Seattle.)

  • Zoneman4003

    The last is the winner for me!

  • Jesandtodd

    It’s a fantastic series-but there is also one just like it in Duvall that I did today 😉

  • 4hamricks

    Love the water one.

  • lv2wj

    Did one just like the last one on Wednesday.  It was great!

  • Slimbo 1

    All good but loved the water one!

  • royfran

    Liked them all, loved the last one: it’s genuine creativity while the rest are merely fancy containers bought somewhere.

  • Habeine

    Can not see the video with the facebook app :'(

  • Ben

    Loved the last one! Amazing!

  • Davee

    It’s the last water one that i think is the best. it has inspired me to make one like it. but i think I’ll wait till the sub zero weather conditions have passed first 

  • emmieo

    I liked the pinecone.  I have seen the rest!

  • SniderKAl

    That last one is awesome. It probably would have taken me a while to figure that one out on my own.

  • Chris Dinesen Rogers

    I have to admit that I’d probably never get number 5. So clever!

  • NancyCz

    5… FTW!

  • Sergey Timofeev

    I think you have the point, but I’ll better get some advices from hahaped.

  • The Water one was great….what a super idea

  • Rbusscher

    loved the last one, totaly surprised me.

  • heironimus

    Cold hard CACHE

  • Gupido

    That will help to find the next Caches

  • Stephan
  • Rasbie

    I have seen a few like the last , but what happens if it rains? doesn´t the cache go up/out too? Usually these containers haave more holes because of this, and cacher has to put fingers on them…

  • Very good. But number three would be yucky due to dogs doing “number one”…

  • l0neR

    Nice micros. Would be really nice to see some creative swag-size (enough room for a couple of travel bugs) caches.

  • MaiaShadow

    Wow! I haven’t done any geocaching yet, but would love to get started. Some caches are so tiny I don’t know if I would be able to find them. I don’t know how they don’t get lost among dead leaves and such.

  • fancysnave

    Have come across them all but the last one. Can’t be sure that I would have realised how to get to it!

  • EagleScoutMom

    Great tips! The last one was so cool – now I will have an idea of how to get one like that – especially if there is no hint! I just bought my first nano container – can’t wait to hide it!

  • Sagrilarus

    These kinds of containers are the reason we don’t geocache anymore. My kids and I just had too many failures to keep an interest up. They’re all very clever, but coming home 0 for 3 ended the hobby for us.

  • jaybirdz

    For those who are easily discouraged, look for the big cache containers. Kids love those and do some that are 1-1 for terrain and difficulty. To have some fun, go with someone who has successes and geocache a while with them. They will help you in being more aware of different types of caches…like the one at the parking garage or the look out where you are standing on ground level and the gps is right on but the cache is a nano 1 or 2 stories up. We have found some novel ones that are owner created. Loads of fun, especially in Florida where the searches are done in the winter months and no undergrowth….Have fun and don’t give up!

  • The water one was the best one I thought!!

  • Debbie

    Okay this is discouraging, tiny thumbnail sized “containers”! I don’t have an “trail gps”, (Or whatever you’d need) I’d never find them.

  • Haven’t had a pinecone one yet, but have found all the others, even a couple water ones.

  • TreasureSeeker95

    I think you shall continue geocaching. Me and my dad can´t find every cache but that´s the challange. So don´t stop geocaching and start thinking positive about your geocaching and it will be easier.

  • oquinns

    This is probably a silly question….but how would you put the last one back?

  • oquinns

    NVM! Lol…rewatched the video and saw where there was a small hole at the bottom for the water to drain. Very clever 🙂

  • Sambo78

    The 5th one doesn’t work well in northern climates because of freezing issues. I few of my friends found one like that but didn’t have any water with us. Urine worked well though. Luckily we had just enough.

  • Bing-GTX

    Gotta love that last one.