Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – February 1, 2012

New Feature – Recently Viewed Geocaches

You’re back from a full day of heart-racing geocaching. It’s a blur of adventure, discovery and maybe a couple of bug bites. You sit down to log your geocaches and claim your well-deserved smileys. You know you looked at the geocaches before you left. But wait, which geocaches did you actually find?

The answer to that question could just be a click away. Now you’re able to log into Geocaching.com and check out, “Recently Viewed Geocaches” on your profile page. The last 50 viewed geocaches are saved in your profile for 10 days.

You can also find “Recently Viewed Geocaches” by selecting “Log a Cache” in the Play section of the top navigation. The new feature will save you time and may get you smileys faster, but it probably won’t save you any bug bites.