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Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – February 15, 2012

Here’s a multiple choice geocaching question: The adventure of geocaching goes well with…?

A) Extreme Biking
B) Swimming
C) Zip Lining
D) All of the Above (and more)

If you chose D, you’re right. And you can find geocaching along with these activities at Wild Canyon Games.

Wild Canyon Games is the ultimate team-based adventure race competition. This weekend event pushes adults to challenge themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Teams of adventurers compete in various events, including a triathlon (biking, swimming, and running), adrenaline activities like zip lines and a ropes course, and an intensive geocaching course. The geocaching course at Wild Canyon Games has teams competing to find the highest “point total” worth of geocaches in a limited amount of time. You better train hard and plan your course well if you want to win this geocaching competition – it includes 350 geocaches hidden over 170 square miles.

The Wild Canyon games adventure race gives teams the opportunity to strive for a common goal. Our team of Groundspeak Lackeys had so much fun at last year’s race that we are sending two teams this year. Join us at this amazing event in Oregon, USA. Registration is almost full, check it out at www.WildCanyonGames.org!