Sea Shells – TB Stop & Go GCNWBC GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – February 6, 2012

Sea Shells - TB Stop & Go

Some Geocaching.com Trackables get lucky enough to log a stop at Sea Shells – TB Stop & Go (GCNWBC). The Arizona, USA Travel Bug hotel has been checking Travel Bugs in and out for nearly seven years. It’s a huge geocache that Jeep’en Jumpers placed to add some variety to local geocaches.

Jeep’en Jumpers is the owner of 20 Travel Bugs. He  wanted a safe stop for other Travel Bugs and says, “There were very few caches back in Yuma in 2005. Most of them were in the desert and I thought a friendly easy-to-get-to-cache would be nice for folks to find in the city. I had a wild idea and since I run the company that owns this property, I didn’t have any problem getting permission.”

Jeep’en Jumpers “wild idea” turned into a geocache that’s a regional favorite. Sea Shells – TB Stop & Go has racked up more than 70 Favorite Points. The cache page encourages geocachers who are on the move to visit the cache before traveling. It reads, “Going on a trip? Please check back to this page and see who needs a lift.” And people have checked back. Jeep’en Jumpers says more than 1300 Travel Bugs have passed through the hotel.

The difficulty two, terrain one geocache has even been the starting geocache for a major Travel Bug race.

But Jeep’en Jumpers admits, one of the best parts of owning a giant Travel Bug hotel, are the logs. One cacher wrote, “SEA SHELLS is a destination cache, one for the TOP OF THE LIST!… Thanks for the super-fun and all you do!”

Sea Shells - TB Stop & Go

Another geocacher who logged Sea Shells  writes, “Found it with the entire extended family this morning…. what an amazing cache! And to think it even houses an ammo can…. inside it!! Kids spent almost 15 minutes exploring all the different TBs and trying to decide which would accompany us back to Alberta later this week. Thanks for the creative find!”

Jeep’en Jeepers has another creative hide. Check out his other Travel Bug hotel hiding in plain sight.

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