February Featured Geocacher of the Month Nominees – Add Your Comments

February’s Featured Geocacher of the Month Nominees show such creativity, innovation, and helpfulness that their fellow geocachers sit back and say, “wow.” Groundspeak Lackey’s selected these three nominees because of their ability to give selflessly to the geocaching community. Now you get the chance to comment on who you believe should be February’s “Featured Geocacher of the Month.”

January Featured Geocachers of the Month, SerenityNow

Write a comment on this blog post about which of these three geocachers you feel should be the featured Geocacher of the Month. Those whose nominees were not recognized here are encouraged to submit their nominations again next month.

Here are your nominees for the February Featured Geocacher of the Month. Some testimonials have been edited for length.



Nominated by RayandLynn, “Magicman65 is Vice President of the BC Geocaching Association. He is a member of the Mid Island Geocaching Association and a member of the Vancouver Island Geocaching Association.  He teaches geocaching, creates and attends events. Magicman65 encourages geocachers to be respectful of the environment, caches, each other and of course (be respectful of) Muggles. When he comes across a cache that needs maintenance, he will fix it right there on the spot.”






Nominated by HotBarbecuered, “My first encounter with this AMAZING cacher was when I moved to the Windsor Ontario Canada area for my university studies. I later went to my very first caching event in Michigan and found out that Rattrak was behind organizing many of the events in the Metro-Detroit area. Each year, Rattrak is one of the organizers of the Annual Detroit/Belle Isle Event. Rattrak also hosts an semi-annual CITO event and potluck on the island each spring and fall.”





Steve ‘n’ Nancy

Steve 'n' Nancy

Nominated by rvjn, “Steve ‘n’ Nancy has given their all to promoting caching in the North Bend/Coos Bay area. Caching was very limited when they began so they started getting the local cachers together, inviting visitors to dinner, meeting with all, and putting on events on a regular basis. Ask anyone in Oregon and they’ll tell you that the best caches are to be found in Coos Bay/North Bend area.  Steve ‘n’ Nancy make every cacher who comes to the area feel special!”


Comment below to tell us who you think should be the featured February Geocacher of the Month. A panel of Lackeys will use your comments to help decide which geocacher is awarded the honor. Each featured Geocacher of the Month will receive an exclusive special edition featured Geocacher of the Month Geocoin along with a Geocacher of the Month hat and a certificate acknowledging their contributions signed by two of the founders of Geocaching.com. We will be accepting comments for February’s award through Monday March 12th.

Featured Geocacher of the Month Geocoin

If you know an outstanding geocacher you would like to nominate to be a Featured Geocacher of the Month, send an email to geocacherofthemonth@groundspeak.com.

Every nomination must meet the following requirements:

Please include your name, the name of your nominee, their username, at least one picture of the nominee and a description (500 or fewer words) explaining why he or she deserves to be the Geocacher of the Month. Please inform your nominee that you’ve submitted them for the award. Nominations for the March Geocacher of the Month must be received by March 27th.

Once we have received all of the nominations, we will choose the top candidates and post them on the blog. You will then get a chance to champion your favorite. Our goal is to involve the entire geocaching community in this process so we might learn from each other.

  • L3805

    I think Steve N Nancy should win geocacher of the month for reaching out and making others feel like they add something to geocaching too, meanwhile making the sport about a community 

  • whee_hoo

    Magicman65 has my vote. Last summer we went to one of his events and he had even taken the time to hide some kid only caches around the location  for the young cachers and gave out prizes to the kids when they found them. He’s very active in the local geocaching community too.

  • RayandLynn

    We nominated Magicman65 for a variety of reasons.  One of the things that we admire about him is his dedication to keeping the sport we enjoy so much pure, respectful, fun, and of course mysterious.  Please place your vote, and congratulations to all the nominees.  You are all worthy of recognition.

  • Rpatrick

    Ron Patrick
        Magicman for sure. He personifies what a geocacher should be. One of the most helpful and cheerful people i have had the pleasure to know.

  • Mburelle

    Magicman65 is one of the first geocachers i ever met. He is concious and respectful toward the environment as well as other caches and muggles. He shares his love & passion of the sport/game with anyone who asks. Magicman65 has placed some very interesting & high quality caches and most certainly deserves not only this nomination but the title Geocachet of The Month.

  • Scraphappyj28

    I would like to comment on Magicman65 for cacher of the month. Chris is one of those people that really exemplifies what caching is all about. He is always willing to help people to know more about caching and teach them what it is all about. He creates amazing caches, he attends events and is on member of many different caching communities to help with other caches and share his knowledge with them. It is always nice to meet Chris at an event and know that he is there to have a great time but is also willing to give someone advice and help them where he can. I think he is what caching is all about.

  • DeRock & The Psychic Cacher

    Rattrak is the man!

  • This month, my vote goes to Magicman65!

  • Donmoore

    Without knowing the other cachers I find this a bit unfair to whoever I don’t vote for but I have known Rattrak for a number of years through his hosting of the belle isle event. Top guy and I have always enjoyed talking with him. He would be a worthy winner.

    Good luck each of you.

  • Rattrak

  • Paulboy

    My vote is for magicman65 as he is a great asset to the geocaching community. His desire to help new and old geocachers and promote geocaching where ever he is outstanding. His events are always memorial as well he attends almost every event on the Island.
    He is well like by everyone he meets in the geocaching world. Congrats to all those nonaminated..Paulboy

  • Katlady1998

    I Vote for Rattrak!

  • Hotbarbecuered

    What else can I say?  Rattrak is a friend to all cachers on BOTH sides of the border!  Rattrak’s caches can be found both in the United States AND Canada, and they are quite unique and well thought out.  The Belle Isle event, of which Rattrak is one of the key organizers, brings so many cachers together from both Canada and the USA!  Each year brings an array of new, exciting, and creative caches… all with a special theme! 
    Rattrak seems to take the time to get to know every one of them!  Right from the first time I stepped into caching in the Michigan area, Rattrak has noticed.  I don’t get back there as often as I used to, but he always seems to take note when I do, and helps me feel welcome around all of the rest of the caching community.

  • scrapcat

    Rattrak not only sets out 45+ caches on Belle Isle yearly (helping to bring suburbians down to “the D” and helping to restore life and loyalty to the jewel of Detroit), but he takes time with new cachers to help us along. Stuck in a cemetery working my way with my first puzzle, I emailed Rattrak for help. In response? His phone number. He walked me through it on his own time. He plants fabulous caches, hosts or attends many local events, and schedules the annual Belle Isle CITO.

  • Landsharkz

    Magicman65 has been instrumental in many aspects of the organization of Island Spirit 2012, both as a Vancouver Island geocacher and as the BCGA Vice President. He comes to Victoria regularly on business from the Comox Valley and always sends a note to see if we need anything picked up or dropped off for the event organization (or a cache maintained as he’s driving by!). He’s in demand to teach geocaching in his community and we know first-hand that the events he organizes are amazing! Magicman65 is hosting the very popular satellite event… Tubing to the Mega!

  • Landsharkz

    I would like to add that our vote is for Magicman65. Good luck to all the nominees!

  • Anonymous


  • lin-dee-lu

    My vote is for Magicman65. He creates interesting and unusual caches that are always a lot of fun to find! He is friendly, helpful and has a magical personality. 

  • paconlacellars

    Magicman65 has married the technical aspects and his passion for illusions with his sheer joy of finding the hidden.  His enthusiasm is shared with all; his willingness to step in and help is always forefront.  MY vote is for Magicman65.

  • Scook

    Rattrak is the one! 
    Not only is he a dedicated Geocacher, but he sponsors many CITO and other public service Events!

  • TeamEccs21

    A vote for Rattrak…he took the time when we were first starting out to explain offset caches…a big help.

  • Stewbrears

    Macigman65 is and always will be a cacher of the month in my eyes. His dedication to this great community is amazing. He’s a teacher, a helper, and a ton of fun at all events that are put on either by him or anybody else. He is a true magicman cause he can appear out of thin air on the trails and make your day a whole lot better. He is a true voice of geocaching, being the Vice of the BCGA. If you see him on the trails watch carefully because he is a master of first to finds. Go Magic Go!!!, I’m watching LOL

  • ShannBob

    We vote for Magicman65, as new members to the geocaching community, he was quick to help us out and give us tips.  Always friendly, and eager to find new challenges.  He’s a great all around individual.  Very deserving of this award. 

  • Jeepmom33

    My vote for Rattrack. I have heard many great things about him…certainly what Windsor needs. Windsor is still deeply affected by the crash of the economy…and anyone trying to lift our spirits deserves a pat on the back. I hope to plan first event this month at Belle Isle.

  • Muddyfrogs

    We vote for 
    Steve ‘n’ Nancy

  • Muddyfrogs

    Whoops,  didn’t see my wife had already voted…

  • POMC

    Rattrak – the man would give you the shirt off his back, the GPS out of his hand and the FTF if you needed it.   

  • LadyLights

    I have had the great pleasure of caching with Rattrak  and I have been attending his events for years!!  The Belle Isle events bring people form across Michigan and nearby Canada every year.  Tim is always ready to help out a new cacher  and to share a story with old friends.. My vote is for Rattrak!!!

  • It’s hard to be a Michigan geocacher without having been influenced by Rattrak. If he sees someone at an event he doesn’t know, he’s quick to change that and makes you feel welcome that day and at all future events. He loves the outdoors and the way geocaching complements nature. The community would be proud to have him as geocacher of the month!  

  • seekandsail

    Our vote goes to Magicman65.  He’s helped us with spare batteries and logs while on the trails.  Always willing to check on caches and do repairs, plus its always fun to join him in the chase for FTFs!  He is totally deserving of Geocacher of the month!

  • BertaB

    My vote is for Steve ‘n’ Nancy.  We have cached in a lot of places and never have we had anyone invite us to dinner to get to know us on our first caching visit to their town.  Great people that are the driving force behind geocaching in the Coos Bay, Oregon area.  Many cachers that we have met, who have cached that area, know of Steve ‘n’ Nancy and how they go above and beyond for visiting cachers as well as area cachers.  They love geocaching and people and it certainly shows in all they do for the area.  You won’t find anyone more dedicated to the sport.

  • Our vote goes to Rattrak!  – Tim epitomizes geocaching in MI – he is always looking to spread the word of geocaching in the state of Michigan. I have enjoyed the many events put on my Rattrak and also the events put on by people he has helped get into geocaching. His Detroit/Belle Isle event is a unique event in that you can see one of Detroit’s great gems of Real Estate “without being seen”.

    The other thing that makes Tim a great geocacher is that he believes in maintaining the history of the game in Michigan by working to keep some of the oldest caches in Michigan active well passed the original owners moving on to other things.

    Lastly, is that you do not have to live in Tim’s neighborhood to get his help when it comes to geocaching. His reach is statewide. I know that my geocaching life has been greatly benefited by Rattrak.

  • Bad Duck

    My vote goes for Steve and Nancy

  • Rattrack all the way.  He has my vote.  Go Tim!!!

  • LiteOnCache

    My vote goes to the Mitten’s Rattrak!!  He does SO much to promote geocaching in the MItten State, conservation of the environment, and education to all those who cross his path.  ….and he is just a great guy!  He is very deserving of Groundspeak’s distinction of Geocacher of the Month!  …maybe even YEAR!! 

  • QTKT

    I vote for Rattrak.  I go to his events on Belle Isle w/ my mom.  It makes me feel really good to help clean up the Island and I appreciate that he does this for the environment and for our community.  I’m 14 and I am involved in this because of Rattrak! 

  • Srstuart

    Rattrak gets my vote!  He is very deserving of this honor! 

  • BWY Gang

    My vote is for Rattrak-he’s always there with a friendly smile.  Can’t wait for the Belle Isle event!!!

  • SheezaPirateHorse

    My vote is for Magicman65.  He is very involved in caching, respectful to the environment and makes everyone feel welcome at events.  As well, his caches are creative, well thought out, surprizing and fun.  Good luck.

  • My vote goes out to Rattrack!  

  • Scott Allen

    Rattrak has my vote. He works tirelessly for the Geocaching community. 

  • Nate_t_warner

    Rattrack!! If it weren’t for him, I’d have never discovered Belle Isle and only know it through exaggerated and incorrect horror stories. Much as the rest of Detroit so often is!
    The fact that he brings in cachers from Canada as well as much more than just Michigan in this country? Huge! I bet his draw has a good bit to do with why MIGO (Mich. Geo. Org.) has so many members of our 5th region! (you know, the one that’s not even in Michigan? Lol!)
    Oh. And ask him sometime about what the underside of a frozen river looks like.

  • Kdsharpe

    My vote is for
    Actively involved and a great sport!

  • My vote is for Magicman65.
    All round example of what a geocacher should be. 

  • WossVegas

    Magicman65 all the way!!!  His enthusiasm for the sport of geocaching is contagious.  He has introduced so many people in our region to geocaching and actively places and maintains caches all over the island.  His support and encouragment for new geocachers is much appreciated.  He really is Magic.

  • I’d like to vote for Magicman65 as well. I just recently got into geocaching, and even though we live in different cities, Magicman65 has cached before in my hometown. He gave me some tips when I got started, and also pointed out a few nearby caches that he thought were worth checking out! Thanks again 🙂

  • 2Fidoes

    Wow, all three nominees seem very deserving, and epitomize the spirit of geocaching all around.  Of course, knowing Magicman65, and how passionate he is about the caching community on the Island, my vote has to go to him.  He’s been so involved with the planning of our upcoming mega.  Every caching community should be so lucky to have a person like him!  And it sounds like the three communities represented by the three nominees are very lucky, indeed!

  • Lady Goldfinch

    Rattrak. Although he has worthy competition here my vote goes to Rattrak who is always willing to help a fellow cacher and his dedication to Cito events and other general good behaviors that make geocaching a good thing goes beyond what others do.  For instance his caches are always well placed and thought out.  He never makes a geocacher look bad while getting a cache, he accounts for parking, safe walking and travel on the roads.  Thanks rattrak!

  • Team SB no BS about it

     I have known him for many years and he is one great guy and always willing to help in any area he can.  He will help any newbie that is looking to even think about becoming an addict to this sport

  • Greendragonfly

    I vote for Magicman65!!!