Geocaching.com Leap Day – Leaps into the Record Books

It’s official! And there’s video to prove it. Geocachers didn’t just double the 2008 Leap Day totals – they combined to make Leap Day 2012 the biggest day in geocaching history. More geocachers logged caches on Leap Day 2012 than any other day in the 11-year history of the GPS-powered treasure hunting adventure. The previous all-time record was set on October 10, 2010 or 10-10-10. On that date 78,313 distinct accounts logged a cache.

As of 2:30pm PST on March 7, 2012 –

83,516 …geocaching accounts logged caches on Leap Day 2012. All told, geocachers logged nearly 300,000 finds and logs on Leap Day.

The old record of unique accounts logging geocaches has been beat by more than 5000.

Congratulations to all the geocachers around the world who united to log a geocache February 29. Thank you to the organizers of more than 900 geocaching events around the world.

Watch this Geocaching.com Presents: Leap 2012 video for a special look at caching around the globe on February 29.  Special thanks to the Geocaching Vlogger for help compiling videos of geocachers around the world on Leap Day.

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  • Yippee! Good work geos!

  • Flamedodger

    Whoop Whoop….does this mean we get a special event icon like 10/10/10??

  • w-way

    I had the pleasure of attending two Leap Day events. I got the icons for that. I think the organizers should get something special also. Maybe an orgainizing icon. Food for thought.

  • Thumb Treadlightly

    I hosted a meet and greet and had a great turn out! I was so excited to have as many people attend in the rural community we live in!

  • BAKO1313

    We hid a Leap Day thematic cache and ventured out to snag four.
    Wonder how many total caches were logged as found?
    What percentage of total geocaching accounts does 79,472 represent?
    We will do a big event in 2016!!!

  •  Yup. The souvenir should look suspiciously like the image on the iPhone in the blog post. 🙂

  • N7MFT

     I knew there was something fishy here 😉

  • We should organize a 12/12/12 event!

  • Clatmandu

    What are the numbers for 2004??

  • February 29, 2012 will be a day I always remember.  My father passed away at 8:43 PM after a 10 year battle with Alzheimer’s.  But, I did get out and find 14 Caches around Anaheim Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Angels.  This is a two fold blessing.  Dad was a 19 year season ticket holder for the Angels and mom and dad are the one’s who introduced me to Geocaching.  I have been caching since 2002 and today I finally hit 1,000.  Mom and dad recorded over 1,100, most of them found with a Yellow Garmin eTrex, manually entering each cache coordinate and printing out what caches they were going to find.  AH, the good ole days! So here is to you, mom and dad, and to Geocaching, both will live on!

  • boydfamily

    Leap day was awesome -42 total caches –  4 events and 27 puzzles caches as part of the day!

  • Grandma Nan

    Many of us enjoyed the Leap Day Festivities. A and I attended two events here in Colorado, (we live both in Chili, NY and Denver, CO–and love the caching communities in both places). And we picked up 9 non-event caches and traded quite a few TBs. And–like many others– we completed our quest to fill out the whole calendar year dates. (And we picked up the special coin as a tangible souvenir of this as well as the art souvenir that is now on our page). Thanks for making this such a special thing. Emotionally–it linked our communities of cachers with others throughout the world.