Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – March 22, 2012

Sort by Favorite Points


There’s a one-click solution to discovering some of the most interesting geocaches anywhere in the world. Premium Members can click the blue ribbon on their search results page and presto magic, the search results are sorted by Favorite Points! This is an easy way to instantly see which geocaches leave your fellow geocachers in awe. The one thing you can say for certain is that the quality of the caching experience is likely to be far above average.

Geocaches might earn a Favorite Point if the location is really interesting or the container and hiding place impress cachers with their originality. Some geocaches have racked up hundreds of Favorite Points (some have even earned more than a thousand). Searching by Favorite Points also offers a big time-saving advantage, since you won’t have to sort through page after page of search results to find the best caches in an area.

Premium Members earn one Favorite Point for every ten geocaches that are found. They can reward their points to any cache they have logged as found. Basic Members who upgrade to Premium Membership receive Favorite Points accordingly to their past finds.

To start earning, rewarding, and sorting by Favorite Points, upgrade to Premium Membership for as little as $2.50 per month!

See how to use Favorite Points here: Geocaching.com Presents: “Favorites”

  • Erwinlottemann Gc

    The pure FP count is not as meaningful as the ratio of FP votes to total logs. That is how want to filter the result.
    Even better would be to send PQ with FP ratio filter, e.g. show me in a distance of 20 miles all multi-stage caches with 70% or more FP ratio.
    By when those queries will be supported?

  • Rock

    Unfortunately the above procedure only sorts the first 20 caches by favorite points. Going to the second page then returns to a distance sort. It would be nice to see a completely search sorted by favorite points within a certain radius.

  • Ratio is a great tool – geocachers just need to hover over the Favorite Points on the cache page to see the ratio. Interesting feature request to sort by FP ratio… I’ll kick that request over to the devs. Thanks!

  • Rock,
    I don’t have the issue of FP resetting on the second page of the searches. Reach out to contact@groundspeak.com – I’m sure we can troubleshoot the issue.

  • Atxtracker

    +1 on sorting by the ratio (% of favorites awarded to finds by PM).  Total favorites is not the best metric since if favors older caches over newer caches.  The sorting should be primarily by the percentage (IMO), and hovering allows you to see the total count.  The goal here is to allow users to find the ‘best’ caches, not the older good ones.  This will become more important as time goes on.

  • grayfo

     Another +1 from me for sorting  by FP ratio.  This is definitely a more meaningful metric.  Cheers!

  • Agreed re: having the ability to sort/PQ based on FP ratio.  I LOVE the favorite points, both as a hider and seeker, and have rely been grateful for them when traveling.  I agree re: Atxtracker’s point about older caches, and would also add that particularly challenging (puzzle) caches or remote caches are also “penalized” when sorting purely by the hard count of FP they have.  Looking forward to seeing what more we can do with this useful tool!