Queens Stair case GC2CXZQ GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – March 12, 2012

View from near the cache location

“Queens Stair Case” (GC2CXZQ) in the Bahamas leads geocachers to a marvel of the city. The Queen’s Staircase in Nassau descends into an Edan of Caribbean plants and local people.

The tropical atmosphere is filled with merchants, who’ve become geocaching advocates.

One geocacher who logged “Queens Stair case” writes, “Found [the cache] on Leap Day while visiting on a cruise. A vendor saw me looking for it and saw my GPS and asked if I was looking for the geocache. I said yes and she told me I was in the right location. Made a quick find and took a pic.”

The location of the cache, combined with the friendly people and the rich history makes the “Queens Stair case” the most “favorited” geocache in the Bahamas. The difficulty one, terrain 1.5 traditional cache has more than 60 Favorite Points.

View of the "Queen's Staircase"

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