Citygarden Tour GC2AX7Q GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – April 2, 2012

Sculpture located at "Citygarden Tour"

Urban Multi-Caches can reveal take geocaching a  park, new vantage point, or hidden gem in a city geocachers never expected. “Citygarden Tour” (GC2AX7Q) delivers adventurers to a sculpture park in the middle of an American city better know for blues music and barbeque than public art.

St. Louis geocachers tracking down the answers for this difficulty three, terrain two Multi-Cache walk away discovering a slice of St.Louis culture.

The cache requires adventures to answer six questions they unlock by exploring the park. The questions ask people to find the birth year of artists, count wind chimes, and more. The answers are then plugged into a formula that is found on the cache page. The results complete a set of coordinates which lead geocachers to the cache.

Sculpture located in "Citygarden Tour"

Strider hid the micro cache in  2010. It’s accumulated more than 30 Favorite Points. Cache who logged the “Citygarden Tour” write, “This was a totally awesome cache. We thoroughly enjoyed taking in all the features in the park… Thanks for bringing us here, and for an imaginative cache.”

Have you ever completed an Urban Multi-Cache that helped you explore a city?

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