Geocaching.com Presents: Cachers of Steel

Cachers of Steel: Cachin’s the Fashion

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This April 1st begins a new day in your geocaching life. Unlock new geocaching moves that will dramatically increase your find count, give you a leg up on FTFs, and have you signing more TFTCs. From the makers of the (not very) popular Geocaching.com Hamster videos, watch Cachers of Steel: Cachin’s the Fashion.

Discover the all-new fitness craze that’s inspired by the world’s favorite outdoor hobby. You’ll learn new tricks of the trade with Cachers of Steel that include Ammo Can Deadlifts and Muggle Ducking, even watch an exclusive interview with Signal! This workout is guaranteed to have you FTFing, TFTCing, using your TOTTs like a pro—you’ll never forget to BYOP again!

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  • Hilarious!! The only problem is that its $50 dollars…


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  • Andrew169

    way funny,,,, got to be first to buy

  • Hurleyanne

    I want one of those t-shirts, and those orange headbands are pretty sharp too!

  • Nighthawk700

    Looks funny.  Just about all the videos from Groundspeak have been captioned though… was this a rush job?  

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  • Tsunrisebey

    No hamsters included in the workout? I’m disappointed.

  •  i disagree Alex. P90X is about 75 to get started and a crossfit membership is almost 45 a month! This is a great value and I am looking forward to trying it out! there’s nothing more serious than taking care of your health (except becoming a better cacher!)

  • Sgtpepper52

    It sounds like just what I have been waiting for!  But it’s already sold out  🙁  I can’t put it on my birthday wish list…….I also would have like to see more hamster caching incorporated into the workout.

  • reidsomething

    Thanks for your patience, the video is now captioned. 🙂

  • Nighthawk700

     Just watched it and understood a lot more of the “in-jokes.”  Very funny, thanks!!!!

  • FireDiven

    Why is there a POLL on the right sidebar—–>>>> asking if I plan to geocache on 10-10-10 to help break a geocaching record? As I see it, no one that’s reading it will be alive in the next year that ends in ’10….just saying!!!

  • I’ve BYOP’d , FTFded and always say TVM4tC but I don’t think I’ve ever TOTT’d !! Anyone give us a clue – I’m hopeless with acronyms!

  • tessaroyale

    Is this april fools? Sounds like it!