Geocaching on a National Level (for a Grade)

Jim Bishop, jcacher15

Talking about geocaching doesn’t often result in a whirlwind trip and a chance for national recognition, unless perhaps you’re Jim Bishop. Jim is known in the geocaching world as jcacher15. He’s a High School student in Washington State, USA.

Jim won competitions with a presentation on geocaching at the local and state levels to compete this weekend in a national DECA competition. DECA is a student organization for emerging leaders in business, marketing, finance, and hospitality. Jim will travel hundreds of miles to stand in front of judges and talk about a business plan for Geocaching.com.

Jim’s knows his topic well. He’s accumulated more than 3500 finds across three countries since he started geocaching in 2009.

He says, “I first learned about geocaching when I saw a TV advertisement for the GPS Adventures Maze exhibit at the Pacific Science Center [in Seattle, Washington] in early 2009.  A few months later I was surfing the web and ended up on Geocaching.com.  I got a membership and my first GPS device and was instantly hooked.”

Other geocaching experiences helped Jim choose his topic for the DECA presentation, including one of the more memorable trips of this life, ” I went with a few geocaching friends up to Canada for the weekend to do a 200 cache trail. It was a great weekend, we hiked many miles through the forests and hills of British Columbia and slept in a cabin each night.  The trip was like nothing I had ever done before.”

Jim geocaching

Jim not only had to talk about geocaching to make it to DECA Nationals, he has to write about it. Jim developed a 30-page Geocaching.com customer loyalty plan. Presenting his plan for geocaching at DECA nationals requires Jim to step into a business setting. He says, “I will be discussing the implementation of a new customer loyalty plan addressing a situation related to the geocaching membership program.  The presentation is 15 minutes and takes place in an office type environment.  The presenter sits on one side of a table across from one or more judges.”

Whether Jim wins first place or not, he’ll will walk away with a powerful experience. He says, ” I hope to learn how to present effectively as well as how to make good business decisions.  I also hope that this competition will help prepare me for the business world after I finish college.”

Leave Jim a message below to wish him good luck this weekend talking about geocaching for a grade.


  • LutherNation

    Nice work, Jim!!

  • Bulboboy

    Jim, awesome job.  The entire Geocaching community should be behind you.  This is great stuff.

  • This is outstanding!  Good luck Jim! 

  •  Agreed – this is amazing.

  • towtrkdug

    Best wishes Jim. Were rooting for you !

  • crs98

    Good luck Jim, we’re pullingfor you!

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  • David-hare

    Go for it Jim

  • RunCacheEat

    This is really awesome! We are all cheering for you. This will be such a great experience and has inspired me. Thanks for doing what you are doing and good luck!

  • Tracy

    Good luck Jim.  I am an avid Geocacher and was also the DECA club president when I was in high school.  Awesome topic.   You will do great!!

  • 1sillywilly1

    Best of luck to you Jim we are sure you’ll do great !
    Darlene & Gordon
    aka Silly Willy

  • hannah&thegang

    Good luck Jim!  You couldn’t have picked a better or more exciting topic.  All the best.

  • Mioochie

    Good Luck!! 😉

  • Squidfamily4326

    Jim, I wish you all the best.  I know I’ve discovered more places both in my hometown and while traveling…places I NEVER would have gone to if it wasn’t for geocaching.  I’ve met amazing people and have seen amazing sites.  I’ve made memories, have strengthened muscles I didn’t know I had and have learned the values of perseverance and patience.  I wish you all the best with your competition.  Go for it.  –Squidfamily4326

  • Cool.  Good luck Jim!  I would love to see a video of that presentation!

  • Brinaluv20

    This is great keep up the great work!

  • Natalieugray

    Good luck Jim! I hope you win, and remember that geocaching is about adventure and fun, and who doesn’t want that? 

  • Jonathanjamesloiselle

    Good luck kind sir!

  • Coug99

    Good luck Jim! Thanks for bring more excitement and knowledge about geocaching.  You’ll do great!

  • Dogpeppers

    GOOD LUCK!!!! I know you will do good…..

  • Shaggy, Scooby and Velma

    Good luck Jim!  We are rooting for you!  Shaggy, Scooby and Velma

  • 2Lashes

    Good luck Jim. We can’t wait to hear about your trip. See you when you get back.

  • mcrt

    Great job jcacher15. Now we know more about why you were wearing suits to event.

  • JackWabbit

    I hope you get the smiley face!

  • lamoracke

    loyalty program is you get ice cream if you hide a good geocache and whipped if you don’t….shh!

    good luck!

  • Rey del Roble

    GO Jim GO!

  • Good luck Jim!  

  • Hawk24s

    Good Luck, Jim!!